How to Flash Android China Mobile A4S Tested Work

For the first time, I got a Chinese Android Job Service stuck in the A4S Logo. Based on the description of the owner originally Android A4S when used to watch Youtube often forclose by itself. Then not long arises a new problem that sometimes restarts by itself and in the end, BootLoop Stuck in the A4S Logo.

Based on my personal experience, when an Android has a Bootloop problem or is stuck in the logo due to a system crash. So that the Android System can not run normally as it should and needs to be repaired, namely by way of Flash Ulang. 

W follow this Tutorial Guide How to Easily Flash Android China A4S using SPFlash Tool:

  1. Download Firmware Android China A4S then Extract
  2. The Application SPFlashTool
  3. Load Scatter Firmware A4S
  4. Hilkan Cheklist on Preloader
  5. Klick Button Download
  6. The Flashing
  7. Done Process

After the Flash Process is completely marked by the appearance of a large Checklist sign as seen in the screenshot below, unplug the USB connector and try turning on The Chinese Android A4S.

I should if there are no problems or constraints of Chinese Android A4S hardware will return to normal as it should. But if it turns out that after flashing Chinese Android A4S back Bootloop stuck in the A4S logo then it's a sign there are hardware constraints (damage to engine components)

FRR's Tutorial Guide on How to Re-Flash Android China A4S using SPFlash Tool has been proven to be 100% Tested Work that you can try to practice.

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