Easy Way byPass Mi Redmi 3S Land Account

The problem of Xiaomi Locked Android Mi Account aka Mi Cloud is a thing that often happens and is experienced by Users of Android Brand Xiaomi due to forgetting with email or HP number and password Mi Account that has been synchronized before.

I am here there is an Android user Xiaomi Redmi 3s Land who just did a hard reset and then his Android Redmi 3S Landlocked Mi Account. To overcome it is very easy and does not take long.

How to Overcome Redmi 3S Land Locked Mi Account

In this, I use the Hydra Qualcomm Tool Application to block the Redmi 3S Mi Account with satisfactory results where the user data is safely not erased

  1. Buka Back Door and Redmi 3S Engine Cover
  2. Release Batrai connector and LCD
  3. Connect Redmi 3S with a computer using the Test Point.
  4. The Hydra Qualcomm Tool
  5. Brand Application select Xiaomi, Select Redmi 3s (Land)
  6. Elect Xiaomi menu tab, Select Mi Account, Select Remove MiAccount [New Method]
  7. Click Execute to start the Process ByPass
  8. Tunggu Prosed
  9. Done

For more details please note the screenshot below:

That's an easy and fast way byPass Mi Account Redmi 3s Land using Hydra Qualcomm Tool. As additional information after bypassing this method, Redmi 3s Land should not be re-flashed or reset to factory settings because it will be locked Mi Akun Again.

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