Cara ByPass Iphone 5S Hello Screen Fix ON OFF Restart

One of the problems that iPhone users often face is that the iPhone is locked or disabled due to errors in entering the screen PIN repeatedly. In this post, I will share a tutorial on how to ByPass iPhone 5S which is in the Hello Screen position and locked iCloud so that it can be reused as it should be.

The first thing to do is to break the iPhone 5S, for how you can see in the previous post entitled: How to Jailbreak iPhone 5S before ByPass iCloud

The second step is ByPass Icloud Hello Screen using profile application AIO V2.7 which you can download HERE

How to ByPass iCloud iPhone 5S Hello Screen

After you successfully break the iPhone 5S and download the FRPFILE AIO V2.7 Application run the FRPFILE AIO V2.7 Application then make sure the iPhone Device has been detected and read by the FRPFILE AIO V2.7 application and an SSH Connected notification appears indicating that the iPhone 5S has actually been successfully broken.

Klick BYPASS HELLO SCREEN to start the ByPass process and wait for the ByPass process to complete on its own. In this ByPass process, the computer or laptop you use must be connected to the internet network.

What if the ByPass process fails because your Device Not Registered notification appears, Klick Only Register on Status Option, use Serial No for the registration process.

After the iPhone is successfully registered, re-register the ByPass process with Klick BYPASS HELLO SCREEN. If the Your Device Could Not be Activated error appears as seen in the screenshot above the solution is with the Full Erase device iPhone 5S using 3uTools by selecting the Anti-Recovery Flash.

After re-backing the iPhone 5S with the Anti-Recovery Flash method, repeat the ByPass process but previously the iPhone 5S had to be re-broken

After the ByPass process is successful and the ByPass Untethered Successfully notification appears as seen in the screenshot above just select Option No.

I'll have a procedure for how the ByPass iPhone 5S is in the Hello Screen position and locked in iCloud. Please note that with the ByPass iCloud method this iPhone can only be limited to Wifi Only can not restore SIM Card Activation. So the iPhone 5S can no longer be installed SIM card, although the signal appears can not be used for SMS, calls, and internet.

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