How to Use OBS Studio for Live Streaming on Yotube & Facebook

OBS Studio is a program or software that serves to stream and record on a laptop or PC. During this pandemic period, many organizations or themselves are using this program to broadcast live or live streams on SOSMED. Whether it's for organizational or personal needs that can't be done explicitly or events that are attended by many people are very influential with the current situation. Among other things, such as religious events using OBS Studio to broadcast sermons directly connected from the camera output or virtual meetings which are then connected to OBS Studio.

Some people live stream to raise funds by presenting music games or creating interesting content with OBS Studio facilities to help them produce good streaming quality and make their impressions unusual with interesting features such as broadcasters on television.

How to Use OBS Studio to Live Streaming on Youtube

  1. Open OBS Studio. Here, the author has set the layout to living stream.
  2. Insert file - settings - output
  3. Then select the video bitrate section, set it according to the internet speed in your home. For example, the Internet speed is 10Mbps, using 1400 kbps. This section is very important to maintain the smoothness and quality of the stream that will be shown.
  4. After that, open your browser and enter the YouTube website.
  5. Enter the section below for live streaming that immediately switch to YouTube studio
  6. After entering the YouTube Studio live stream menu, copy the streaming button to be entered into OBS
  7. Then, return to OBS Studio and enter the File - Settings - Streaming menu< /li>
  8. Paste the Streaming key in the Stream button section, then apply it to save the changes.
  9. After that, we started the live stream by clicking on the Start Streaming section of the OBS Studio program.
You have successfully streamed using OBS Studio. If you want to stop the live streaming, don't forget to quit the studio site and YouTube Studio website, because if it doesn't the streaming will continue.

If there is a bottleneck in streaming, try to lower the video bitrate so that the video is received by YouTube Studio smoothly. But unfortunately, the result is caused by the blurry video quality.

How to Use OBS Studio for Live Streaming on Facebook

1. Set up a Facebook page
Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to stream through the page, not from the top of your personal account as it can be done via mobile. Creating a page on Facebook is very easy, just visit the manufacturer's page and follow the instructions.

2. Download and install OBS Studio
OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is free software that can be used for live streaming on PC. Apart from Facebook, OBS Studio also supports other streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch.

3. Get the stream key
Once OBS Studio is installed, the next step is to get the stream key from Facebook. The Stream button can be obtained from the settings page on Facebook. At the top of the Facebook page, there is a section of publishing tools, after that click on the video menu on the left. After selecting menu + Live, you will get a stream lock. In this section, you can also set the live stream title and other information.

4. Connect OBS Studio with Facebook
After entering the live stream information that you will do on Facebook, you need to set up in OBS Studio. Select the Settings menu and then select the Streaming menu in OBS Studio. Next, select Facebook Live in the Services section and enter the Stream button you got earlier.

5. Start a live stream
Once the settings are made, you can add video sources to show on Facebook Live. Video sources can be served through the video sources section in OBS Studio. Video sources can come from webcams to desktop displays.

After the video image appears, you can live stream live by pressing the Start Stream button. Wait a few seconds and your stream will appear on Facebook. After that, press the Go Live button on Facebook.

6. Things to note

Just like streaming via mobile, streaming using Facebook directly via a desktop PC also requires high-speed internet. At the very least, you should have a connection speed of 2Mbps so that your live streaming session is not easily interrupted. In addition, also pay attention to who can see your live stream.

This is a Tutorial Guide How to Use OBS Studio for Live Streaming on Youtube and Facebook that you can try to practice.
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