How to ByPass Pattern or PIN and FRP Luna G55

For the first time this afternoon, I got a Luna Job ByPass Pattern for Android. At first glance, the Luna Brand Android from the front looks like one type of Oppo Brand Android and when viewed from the back it is similar to one of the Xiaomi Android types. At first, I wasn't really sure if I would be able to solve the problem of forgetting patterns on Android Luna, which is arguably very foreign and this is the first time I've encountered this Android brand.

The first step that I tried to solve the Pattern-locked Android Luna was to access the built-in Recovery Luna G55. Because usually for lower-middle-class Android types, recovery access is still standard and easy, unlike well-known Android brands that have implemented a security code. So we can easily reset it via Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

Sure enough, Android Luna G55 can be reset via Recovery, of course, the problem of forgetting Pattern or PIN can be easily solved. We just need to select the Wipe data/Factory reset option, all previous user settings will be lost. Here are the steps for Hard Reset/Factory Reset Android Luna G55 via Recovery:

  1. Turn off, Android Luna G55
  2. Android Luna G55 in the power off position, press the power and volume Up buttons simultaneously, when the Luna G55 vibrates on release the power button press and keep pressing and holding Volume Up button
  3. An Android Robot image appears with no command notification, simultaneously press the Volume Up and power buttons with 1 - 3 tries until Luna G55 enters the Recovery menu.
  4. Reset Luna G55 via the Wipe Data/Factory Reset menu
  5. After finishing Wipe Data/Factory Reset do Reboot System Now
  6. Done

To solve the problem of the Android Luna G55 locked FRP Google Account you can look for loopholes to be able to access the browser and install the ByPass FRP.Apk Application. But for an easy and fast way, use the Hydra MediaTek Tool.

Here are the steps for ByPass FRP Android Luna G55 with Hydra Tool:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. Select the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) option then click Execute
  3. Luna G55 in power Off condition press Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously then connect the USB data connector
  4. Hydra MediaTek Tool will detect the Luna G55 device and position the Android Luna G55 in a safe place while waiting for the bypass process to complete.

Using Hydra MediaTek Tool, Alhamdulillah's Android Luna G55 locked FRP Google Account can be easily solved.

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily ByPass Pattern or screen PIN and FRP Google Luna G55 Android Account that you can try to practice.

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