How to Install iFun Screen Recorder Pro Free Without Key

iFun Screen Recorder Pro is a recording application from IObit that can be used to document or record windows desktop screen activity in an easy and lightweight manner to use. iFun Screen Recorder is available in a free or free version but for the recording, there will be a watermark indicating that the recording was taken using the Free version of the iFun Screen Recorder application.

To be able to use the features of iFun Screen Recorder in full and also remove the Watermark, we have to switch to the Pro version which is of course paid. But here I will provide iFun Screen Recorder for PC and Laptop Free Download Full Version Without Key and how to install it.

Guide How To Install iFun Screen Recorder Pro Free Without Key

The following is a tutorial guide on how to easily install the iFun Screen Recorder Pro application for you to use Windows on a computer or laptop device:

  1. Download iFun Screen Recorder Pro Free
  2. Run iFun-screen-recorder.exe
  3. Perform the installation process, as usual, agree to the license agreement and click Next and Next until the process installation is complete.
  4. Close the iFun Screen Recorder installation window after it's finished, you don't need to run it, if you have already run the program, it's okay to close it after the program is open
  5. Extract iScRec.exe to the desktop then copy or cut it and paste it into the iFun Screen Recorder install directory as shown in the screenshot below.
  6. If the Replace notification appears, just confirm OK
  7. Finish, now iFun Screen Recorder Free has become iFun Screen Recorder Pro

To ensure that the iFun Screen Recorder that you have installed is really the Pro version, run the iFun Screen Recorder Application then click the three-line option at the top right and select License Options. Then it will be shown that iFun Screen Recorder has been registered indefinitely and can be used for life with the condition that it is not updated.

You can update the iFun Screen Recorder application to update the version, and then replace iScrRec.exe in the Install iFun Screen Recorder directory as described above.

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily Install iFun Screen Recorder Pro Free Without Key for your computer and laptop users who need a lightweight and easy-to-use Desktop Activity Recorder Application.

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