7 Tips for Taking Care of a Laptop for Beginners

Having a new laptop is certainly fun for beginners or us. Because by having a laptop, we are one step ahead of before having it. The use of laptops is very much, it really helps us in working and completing tasks or projects that are being worked on.

For some beginners, they may not think that a new laptop is not without problems. Not infrequently there are cases or problems caused by laptops even though they are new.

Maybe some are confused about how to take good care of a laptop, whether to use a charger when using it or remove the battery. Sometimes this becomes a dilemma in itself if you are still a beginner.

A laptop that is well cared for makes the laptop last a long time. So, of course, it can accompany users every day and work more enjoyable.

Therefore, this time the service tutorial will share tips on caring for laptops and cleaning for beginners. Tips are easy and certainly do not require expensive tools.

Laptop Maintenance Tips For Beginners

1. Clean Screen

Cleaning the screen or laptop LCD is a light thing that needs to be done by beginners. In addition to reducing the dust that sticks, it also makes the laptop not blurry. A simple way to clean a laptop is to use a soft and soft cloth or dry tissue.

Currently, there are many laptop cleaning liquids sold in the market. This liquid serves to remove dust or light dirt that sticks to the laptop. Usually available in 1 package, namely a brush, cleaning fluid, and cloth.

2. Clean the Body

In addition to cleaning the screen, beginners also have to clean the laptop body. Especially at the bottom and top of the laptop. By using the liquid mentioned in method 1 above, is certainly easier and makes the laptop clean again.

3. Clean Keyboard

To clean the keyboard, the thing to pay attention to is to make sure the laptop is off or off. The keyboard is more often exposed to dust and dirt that enters between the keys.

To clean the keyboard, you can use a small brush or you can also use an eye shadow beauty tool because it is similar to a brush. Clean between the keys on the keyboard carefully. This method is highly recommended for beginners in caring for laptops. If there is an error, please fix the keyboard.

4. Remove the charger when the laptop is fully charged

The next way to take care of a laptop for beginners is to remove the charger when the laptop is fully charged. Charging a laptop takes quite a long time, usually more than 2 hours. And when it is fully charged, then immediately unplug the charger from the laptop.

This is highly recommended because it can make the battery last longer and not leak. So that it can last a long time and of course the battery remains in its best performance.

Sometimes most laptop users forget to unplug the charger when the battery is full. This can cause the battery to overcapacity because it is 100% but the charger is still connected. Over time, it can make the battery unstable/normal, if it continues it can damage the battery such as not lasting long, dropping quickly, or low batt and the peak is the battery does not want to store energy back.

5. Use the Keyboard With Care

Laptop keyboard problems very often occur, it can be because it is too rough when pressing the keys or because there is a lot of dust and dirt on the keyboard. The way to take care of it is to not be too rough in pressing the buttons.

Although this is not a normal keyboard, at least it doesn't speed up the keys quickly. Because based on admin experience, many laptops often have keyboard key errors. This is due to a lot of dust and dirt or because it is too hard to press the buttons.

6. Don't put stuff on top of the laptop

How to take care of a laptop that is good and right is one of them not putting things on top of the laptop. Putting anything or anything on a laptop is vulnerable to damage to the laptop itself. Either heavy or light. For example is a book, or an electric tool.

Because if you put things on a laptop such as books or other heavy items, it can cause the laptop to become an error in the hardware. Like the screen becomes streaky, or a white blank or worse is broken. Screens that are damaged due to being burdened by goods on top cannot be repaired, they can only be replaced with new ones.

7. Check Programs, Antivirus, And Files

Checking programs and files is very necessary so that the laptop remains in a good performance. Like by cleaning unused files. Use a cleaner application on the laptop.

Another important thing is to check whether the antivirus is still updated or has expired. The thing that needs to be done is to update or download the latest version of the antivirus. This is very helpful to keep the laptop safe from virus attacks. How to clean the virus is enough to scan it.

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