How to Solve VIVO Phone Exception

For the first time, I got a VIVO Type VIVO Y81i PD1732CF Android Repair Job which was constrained not being able to enter the home menu after a manual hard reset was performed. So the Android Vivo Y81i was accidentally reset by the owner because the memory full notification always appears.

After the Hard Reset is done automatically Android VIVO Y81i will return to zero like a new factory default cellphone, but unfortunately in the process of setting up the VIVO Y81i usage, it is stuck in welcome and cannot enter the home menu.

To overcome the problem mentioned above, it was quite dizzying and I almost gave up, but because I was curious and kept trying to repair it with a different method, Alhamdulillah Finally Vivo Y81i was able to enter the home menu, but another problem appeared, namely, there was a Phone Exception notification as it seemed there the following recording:

After I tried googling here and there I finally found a simple and easy way to practice solving the Android VIVO problem that appears with Phone Exception notifications and here are the steps:

First, you enter the settings menu and look for the Applications menu, then select show all installed and installed applications on Android VIVO.

Then search and find VIVO Service, if you find it, just open VIVO Service Options

After that, you delete the stored data and don't forget to clear the cache

With the above method, Phone Exception notifications can be easily resolved without using third-party applications and computers or laptops.

This is a tutorial guide on how to easily solve the problem of phone exceptions appearing on Android VIVO Y81i PD1732CF which I think can also be practiced on other VIVO Androids or other Android brands that are experiencing the same problem.

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