How to Create ISO Files With Ultra ISO

After the previous article, we learned How to Burn CD/DVD With Ultra ISO [FULL], so on this occasion, I will share how to create ISO files with Ultra ISO.

The purpose of making files into the ISO is to save data, or master programs, or anything from viruses, flash disk damage, or data loss due to virus attacks. Besides that, it can also be used to create bootable files on DVD or flash drives to make it simpler and easier

This method can use a CD or without having to use a cd. Because this method can also be used to save data on your laptop/computer. So if you are afraid of losing your data, you should backup it to an ISO file. So when you will use live extract using WinRAR.

This method can be used to create a bootable flash drive if you want to install it using a flash drive.

Alright, let's follow step by step to create ISO File with Ultraiso.

Before doing how to create an ISO file with ultra iso. There are several things to prepare. Namely Ultra Iso Program, and files or data to be converted into ISO.

How to Create ISO Files With Ultra ISO

Easy and Complete Steps How to Create ISO Files with Ultra ISO

  1. Make sure your laptop/notebook has installed the Ultra ISO program. If you haven't installed Ultra ISO, please download the full version on the internet first.
  2. Prepare any file or data that will be converted into ISO. In the example here is the Adobe Photoshop CS 3 program which will be converted into an ISO file.
  3. Right-click on the data that will be converted to ISO. See image below
  4. Then select Ultra Iso, select Add to ISO again, or select Add "Adobe Photoshop CS3.iso". As shown above
  5. Actually, this method is the same. But the easiest and fastest way is to select Add"Adobe Photoshop CS3.iso
  6. Wait for this iso creation process to finish.
  7. If it is finished, then the results of the iso file will look like the image below.
  8. Done, Adobe Photoshop CS3 file already has a backup in the form of ISO

Quite Easy and Complete isn't it how to create an Iso file with this Ultra ISO? It doesn't take long to convert a data or file into an ISO file.

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