How to Check and Screenshot College Accreditation

One of the requirements for the 2021 Civil Service Candidate (CPNS) that must and must be uploaded is the Original Scan or Screenshot of Accreditation of Colleges and/or Study Programs with a maximum size of 1000 KB with PDF extension as shown in the screenshot below:

For physical evidence of Accreditation of Higher Education and/or Study Programs, it may not be in the form of photocopies or legalization. CPNS participants who upload the PhotoCopy Accreditation Charter File will be disqualified. For that solution, for those of you who don't have the original College Accreditation or Study Program photo file, then you have to take a screenshot of the College or Study Program Accreditation through the Website of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, and here's how:

First of all please visit the website, then select the Accreditation Data menu option:

Then select Accreditation Data Search Sub-menu:

Then enter the Name of the College, the choice of the name of the College will automatically appear according to the keywords you entered. Then type the Study Program keyword in the Study Program column, automatically a choice of study programs will appear according to the name of the study program you input.

After the Accreditation Data, SK date, Accreditation Rating is displayed, you can take a screenshot using the keyboard by pressing the PS button then paste the screenshot copy into a new Ms. Word or Photoshop or you can also screenshot using the Light Shoot Desktop Screenshot Application.

Screenshot of Higher Education Accreditation, please save in PDF extension with a maximum size of 1000 kb which can then be used to complete the CPNS upload requirement document.

That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Check and Take Screenshots of the Accreditation Status of Colleges and Study Programs on the website of the Indonesian National Accreditation Board for Higher Education that you can try to practice.

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