How to ByPass Samsung J4 SM-J400G IMEI

to overcome the Android Samsung J4 SM-J400G whose Signal Loss cannot be used for Phone, SMS, and Internet while the IMEI is still checked is to bypass (change IMEI) with the help of the Samsung Tool Pro Application.

one of the characteristics of overseas Samsung J4 SM-J400G that is affected by the IMEI BlackList (IMEI Blocking) is that on the screen window a notification will appear Only Emergency Calls and Phone Not Allowed notification:

but for the IMEI ByPass process on Android Samsung J4 SM-J400G using Samsung Tool Pro, we have to root Samsung J4 SM-J400G first. For How to Root Samsung J4 SM-J400G you can read in the previous post entitled: Easy way to Root Samsung J4 SM-J400G Magisk

Samsung J4 SM-J400G is affected by IMEI blocking (here Samsung from Taiwan) when the SIM card is installed it reads but only emergency calls.

After being repaired (bypass IMEI) using Samsung Tool Pro, Android Samsung J4 SM-J400G can be reused and the results are fixed permanently because here we replace the default IMEI that has been blocked.

The method is very easy, if you have Samsung Tool Pro, just run the Samsung Tool Pro application then select Repair Options, connect Samsung J4 SM-J400G with OEM Unlock conditions and USB Debugging Active then enter the new IMEI and click Repair.

Here I use the Remote Via TeamViewer service because I don't have a Samsung Tool Pro Credit Account. If you are interested in hiring Remote Team Viewer services, please leave a message in the comments.

That's the Tutorial Guide on Easy Ways to Overcome the Samsung J4 SM-J400G Android IMEI BlackList from abroad, you can't use calls, sms and internet and only notifications appear. Only Emergency Calls and Cellphones Are Not Allowed.

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