Easy way to Flash and ByPass FRP Oppo A37FW

Today, Alhamdulillah, I got the Oppo A37FW Android Job Service which was constrained by some missing default applications, and also I couldn't add a Google Account. Without thinking, I made sure that the solution to this problem was to re-flash it.

this time in the Oppo A37FW Flashing process I did not use the MSM Download Tool application but I used the UFI Android ToolBox and here are the steps for flashing the Oppo A37F and A37FW using the UFI Android ToolBox.

Run the UFI Android ToolBox application then select the Qualcomm option, the Oppo Brand and the Qualcomm platform then check the Firehose list and enter the firehose, program raw and path0 files as shown in the screenshot below:

Download Firmware Oppo A37FW

Connect the Oppo A37 with the computer in Qualcomm EDL mode, the way the Oppo A37 is in the off state press and hold simultaneously the volume UP and Down buttons then plug in the USB connector. after the Qualcomm Device Port appears on the UFI ToolBoox, just click Flash. If it doesn't work, try clicking Identify Device first. The flashing process takes between 5-10 minutes 10.

if the Oppo A37 after being flashed turns out to be locked FRP Google Account, just ByPass using the UFI Android ToolBox. Connect Oppo A37 in Qualcomm EDL mode. then Select Special Task Option and select Clear FRP Lock

In less than 2 minutes, the FRP Bypass process is complete and Android Oppo A37 is guaranteed to be no longer locked FRP Google Account.

That's the Tutorial Guide How to Easily Re-Flash and Bypass FRP Oppo A37F and A37FW using UFI Android ToolBox that you can try to practice.

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