20 Ways to Maintain a Good and Durable Printer

Printers are the most needed devices to print documents, print, or scan data. Regardless of the many types and brands, the general purpose of the printer is the same, namely printing documents.

The various types and brands of printers on the market do make it easier for consumers to choose which printer is right for their needs. Therefore the price of printers also varies and has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Printers today are very difficult to separate from human activity. Many people need a printer for essential purposes.

Printers, whether Canon, Epson, Brother, etc. do have their own advantages and disadvantages. Could be because of price, print quality, ease of use, and others.

If we use a printer, it would be nice if we know how to take good care of the printer and make it last longer. Although the printer itself is not free from errors. But by knowing how to care for this printer, at least we know better.

How to Take Good Care of a Printer

Okay, no need to wait long, let's read the explanation of this service tutorial that shares how to take care of a good and durable printer.

Use the Printer Regularly

When we buy a printer, of course, the goal is to make it easier to print files, without the hassle of going to a computer rental place. but after buying a printer sometimes we only use the printer when necessary. Actually, this is true, but it would be wise if the printer is used regularly. That is at least 3 days once the printer is used to print.

Using the printer regularly will make the ink flow in the cartridge not dry easily and remain in normal condition. If you use the printer only for the purpose of printing, it is feared that the ink will freeze and the print results will be abnormal.

Clean Printer

Cleaning the printer is very important. Because the printer is dirty or a lot of dust, of course, we will be lazy to use it. Clean the printer from dust and dirt.

Fill Ink Don't Be Late

Checking the ink is very necessary so that the ink in the cartridge does not run out. Fill the ink in the cartridge regularly. Check if after printing a large number of documents.

When using an infusion tube, be sure to check the contents of the tube after each printing in large quantities.

Delay in refilling the ink sometimes makes the cartridge abnormal in printing printouts. Like striped until the ink does not come out.

Use good paper

Use paper that is neat and clean from dust and dirt. Neat paper in the sense that it is not damaged / worn will affect the printer's printouts and make it easier for the printer to print. If the paper is shabby, the printer will find it difficult to print because the paper is not flat.

Turn off the printer when it is not used anymore

Turning off the printer properly can also make the printer durable. Because when you press the off button, the printer will execute the shutdown command. Before the printer is completely dead, usually the printer will clean the printer head. Make sure to press the off button when finished printing the document.

Close Printer Cover

After printing the document it is highly recommended to close the printer cover. This is so that when the printer is not in use, the printer is protected from dirt that could enter the place where the paper is placed.

Dirt or something that accidentally enters the printer can just block the paper to be printed. of course, the paper can not enter because it is blocked by dirt.

Unplug the Printer Cable

When the printer is finished, unplug the printer power and USB cable. The goal is that the electricity is not connected even if the printer is off.

A printer that is dead but the cable is still connected can be the cause of a short circuit or short circuit although this is rare. There's nothing wrong with unplugging the printer cable, if you want to use it, just plug it back in.

Use Recommended Ink

The use of ink also plays an important role in keeping the printer durable and long-lasting. Good ink is ink that does not fade when exposed to water. Use only 1 brand of ink in using the printer, don't change ink brands.

The ink of different brands will also affect the printout of the printer. Brand A when mixed with Brand B, the print results will be mixed. This will be very bad for the continuity of the cartridge, usually the cartridge prints abnormally.

For example, when using brand A ink, the black print results will be solid black, but when the ink is mixed with brand B. Then the results of mixing the two will reduce the print quality of the printer. The resulting black color is not as thick as when using only 1 brand of ink.

Do Cleaning Head When Using the Printer

Doing cleaning on the head when going to use the printer can also make the printer durable. Head clean serves to normalize the ink in the cartridge so that the print results that come out remain normal.

Don't Disassemble the Printer

Never disassemble the printer if you do not know or are experts in repairing printers. This is to keep the printer from being damaged due to user ignorance. When the printer has an error, immediately take it to the nearest service center in your city.

Don't Touch the Cartridge Chip

When filling the ink in the cartridge be careful. Do not let your hands touch the cartridge chip. The cartridge chip is very sensitive, if it is touched by hands or dirty it will interfere with these components. It could be that the cartridge cannot be read in the printer, or is dead. Of course, this is very fatal.

If the chip cartridge is dirty or there is ink stuck to it, use a dry tissue and wipe the dirt clean

Don't Overuse the Printer

Using the printer continuously will certainly make the printer work hard. This is not very nested because the printer is an electronic device that also needs a break.

Do not print continuously without resting the printer. Using it over time will make the cartridges and printers damaged more quickly.

Print Documents Periodically

Do not print multiple documents at the same time. Give pause in each print. For example, you want to print 100 sheets, then all you have to do is a pause. Periodically print 20 sheets at a time. So this can make the printer durable and long-lasting.

Print Documents In Standard Quality

Printing documents with standard quality settings will make the printer last longer and this can make cartridges less prone to errors.

Because if you print using high-quality settings, it will certainly burden the head and cartridge. Cartridges and heads will be heavier to print and last longer.

If this continues for a long time, it will damage the cartridge and printer head more quickly.

It is okay to print using high settings. But once in a while, for example, printing photos or images that really have to be of high quality.

Don't be late for paper when printing

Sometimes because we are too focused on the job being printed, we don't notice that the paper has run out of the printer. This is certainly not good if it happens often.

So try not to be late in filling out the paper in the printer. This simple method is also very instrumental in keeping the printer durable and long-lasting.

When Printer Error, Check First

When the printer has an error or the paper is late, the printer will usually display an error message on the screen of your laptop/computer. So check the error instructions submitted, don't just handle the errors that appear without knowing what they mean.

Keep Printer Away from Food and Drink

For this, of course, you already know the consequences. Printers that are placed close to food or drinks are of course prone to spilling or accidentally spilling food or drinks. So stay away from it.

Keep Away From Children

It is very important to keep the printer out of the reach of children. Because if children play near the printer, they may think that the printer can also be used as a toy. The printer could be beaten or used as a toy like a child's toy.

Printer maintenance at the office

If the printer is used by many people, make sure there is someone who can maintain or care for the printer properly. Because using the printer with many people can make the printer work hard.

Printers that are shared on a network are usually busier than those that are used privately. The thing that must be considered is that the printer is not used at the same time.

Bring the Printer to the Service Center if there is an Error

When the printer has an error or damage, it is highly recommended not to handle it yourself if you don't know how to fix it.

Every printer must have experienced an error, different errors, of course, different ways to solve them.

So the thing to do when the printer error appears, take it to the nearest printer service place. This is better than you handle it yourself but do not know the science.

That's how to take care of a good and durable printer. I hope the method presented can make you understand more about caring for the printer.

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