byPass Oppo A37 Pattern No Lost Data Tested

Usually, in cases of Forgotten Pattern or Android screen PIN, the consequence is that all user data stored in Android's Internal Memory will be forfeited, because all settings and files in Android's internals are completely formatted.

but sometimes there are special ways to use the Special Bypass Tool that is able to bypass the Android screen pattern or PIN without formatting the internal memory, for example, the Miracle Thunder Box application. On this occasion, I will share a tutorial on how to overcome/bypass the Oppo A37 Android Pattern or PIN screen without losing user data.

so user data is guaranteed to be 100% safe and will not be deleted, because with Miracle Thunder it is able to read and display the Pattern Formula or screen PIN through the system scan process using the firehose emmc file, here's the tutorial:

first, run the Miracle Thunder 2.82 application, for those of you who don't have Miracle Thunder 2.82 please search and download via searching google or via youtube search.

second, select Qualcomm Options, then select Read/Format Flash Options

in the Read/Format Flash window for Brand Select Oppo. For the model, leave it auto or it can be done manually by removing the auto checklist and then selecting the model according to the target Android to be bypassed.

load the firehose emmc file by eliminating the Auto Programmer then click the 3 dots on the right and load the firehose file from the Firmware Oppo A37 master file.

Click the Start Button. Oppo A37 in the Power Off condition press the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously then plug in the USB data that is already connected to the computer.

Wait for the Miracle Thunder 2.82 process to detect and read the Oppo A37 Device to then scan the system to get a pattern or PIN code. For more details, consider the following Screen Recorder Recordings:

with the method above, solving the problem of forgetting the pattern or screen PIN on the Oppo A37 Android is very easy, right? Not to mention without the risk of losing data which is a plus point. For additional information, in the bypass process, the computer must be connected to the internet network, and if after the bypass Android Oppo A37 is difficult to turn on, disassemble the case, remove the battery connector and then plug it in back in and turn it on.

That's the Tutorial Guide on how to solve a Pattern or PIN locked Oppo A37 Android without losing data using Miracle Thunder 2.82 that you can try to practice.
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