how to make an online shop website with WordPress

Shopping is a need and a routine activity for everyone, whether it is a primary need and a secondary need. Previously, people spent it to shop at the market, but things started to change in its development. Now it's easy, there's no need to go out of the house to make ends meet. Yes, now people can easily shop with the presence of an online store.

Every entrepreneur/entrepreneur must have a shop to sell well, be it physical or online. It cannot be denied that the internet world is growing very fast. So that the online market seems to be showing. Many entrepreneurs are willing to spend their capital just to set up an online store for a fantastic fee. 

Understanding of the online shop website

An online shop is a vehicle for selling online in the form of a website in which photos of products sold online are displayed with descriptions of goods and prices so that they can be found and seen by the internet public online on a national and global scale.

You can now create your own online shop easily and quickly without understanding the programming language through WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform but now it has undergone many developments such as creating websites for many things, such as static websites, online shop websites, business profile websites, property websites, and others. Regarding WordPress friends, you can learn to or

The benefits of an online shop website

here are some of the benefits you can get by owning an Online Selling Store: 

  1. The market segmentation is very wide because the Internet space is very capable domestically and abroad so that the market segment around the world is different from conventional shops. Our promotions.
  2. More economical: By opening an online shop, the capital we have will save, for example, to rent a place, employees, administration, etc. We can minimize and very economically. Compare if we have a conventional store, we have to find a strategic place and the costs will also increase, our salaried employees will also be very far from the administrative space we need is also very different from online stores that require small fees that require small fees that require fees small.
  3. The information provided to customers and prospective customers is also relatively more global and there are many things that we can inform so that customers will be more satisfied with your products and do not have any questions about your products.
  4. Ads are relatively cheap because classified ads offered via the Internet are much different if you want to advertise through newspapers, the costs are quite expensive. You have an online shop owner just placing free ads to promote your online webshop. With these various advantages, it is highly recommended to use an online webshop if you want to develop your business both nationally and internationally. The online shop is perfect for those who want to expand their business globally. Transactions that can be carried out are not limited to geography, can be between cities, between provinces, between islands, and can even be between countries or international. 

how to make an online shop website

If you are interested in creating an online shop website with WordPress, there are a few things you need to prepare first, such as what products you want to sell.

In the plan to create an online store, of course, you already have an overview of the concept of an online store that you made right? Because, what type of product you will sell, of course, will greatly affect the concept of the online store that you provide. Both in terms of functionality, design, and targeting the consumers you see.

And if WordPress is one of the platforms that you want to use in building an online store, you can prepare products in the form of physical products, digital products, and even service offerings.

choose Hosting and Domain for your website

once you find the image and concept in progress create an online shop website with WordPress, the next step you need to do is choose a hosting and domain.

Until now, there are many affordable and easy-to-use hosting service providers to install WordPress or start a blog with WordPress right away.

In fact, several hosting options you can choose from are available both locally and from abroad. In Indonesia, there is one hosting service provider that is familiar and no doubt about its quality, namely Niagahoster.

Niagahoster hosting is included in the type of hosting that has an affordable price. And more special, Niagahoster also often provides discounts for various hosting services. In fact, discounts are sometimes offered up to 50% as a form of promotion of hosting packages on Niagahoster.

Thus, how to create an online store website with WordPress will be easier if you determine which type of hosting is suitable in your heart, for the sustainability of your website later.

select the WordPress Online Shop Website Theme

This step is the one that is the most important aspect if you want to create an online store with WordPress. Try the selection, choose a WordPress theme that has a pretty good appearance, is attractive, and is equipped with attractive features.

Thus, the online store website that you create can provide an attractive appearance for your online store later. And for consideration, you can search the WordPress repositories.

Install WooCommerce

After you apply the steps above, the next step is to install WooCommerce on the WordPress Dashboard, access the plugin options, add new, search for and find WooCommerce. After that, install WooCommerce and activate it.

Apart from these steps, you can also get WooCommerce by manually downloading WooCommerce to directors / WP-Content / Plugins / found on your server via FTP and Hosting File Manager.

Following the WooCommerce Setup Wizard

how to create a website online shop with WordPress results increasingly visible after following the WooCommerce Wizard setup. So how do you do that?

Once you have installed and activated WooCommerce, you will then be presented with a setup wizard or installation wizard. For more details, please refer to the Video Tutorial on How to Make a WooCommerce Website below: 

how, how to create an online shop website with WordPress is actually not as difficult as everyone imagines in general right? By knowing the steps above, making an online store website will be easier. I hope this information is helpful.

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