How to Easily ByPass Pattern and MI Account Redmi 4A

to overcome a locked Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A because you forgot the pattern or PIN is quite easy. You can apply the steps guide to bypass Pattern or Redmi 4A PIN and Mi Account which I will explain in this post.

The first step is to open the backdoor and PCB cover of the Redmi 4A machine because the ByPass process requires a Qualcomm EDL Test Point method.

Perhatikan Foto di atas, 2 titik Test Point Redmi 4A terletak di bawah konektor sebelah Kiri. Hubungkan 2 titik testpoint tesebut kemudian koneksikan konektor USB Data yang sebelumnya sudah terhubung dengan komputer.

after Redmi 4A is successfully connected in Qualcomm ELD mode, the next step is to bypass the Pattern or PIN with the help of the RbSoft Mobile Tool application. For the steps, consider the following video screen recorder:

after completing the ByPass process Perform the Redmi 4A Device Setup Settings as usual:

If previously Redmi 4A has been synced with Mi Account, then Redmi 4A will automatically be locked Mi Account as shown in the photo below:

for the Easy Tutorial How to ByPass Mi Account aka Mi Cloud Redmi 4a by light flash using the MiFlash Tool and special Firmware in the video above.

after the ByPass Mi Account process is complete, turn on Redmi 4A and go through the device setup settings again as usual.

With this tutorial, Redmi 4A can be used again without pattern lock and Mi Account and is safe to use even if it is connected to an internet network or a SIM card is installed.

This is the Tutorial Guide on the Easy Way to ByPass Pattern or PIN and Mi Account, aka Mi Cloud, Xiaomi Redmi 4A that you can try to practice. Thank you for your visit

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