Guide on How to Reset Printer Canon IX 6560

Every Epson printer and printer with other brands such as Canon and HP that are used continuously, in the long run, will definitely encounter a problem called Error Blink on the Power indicator, Ink Indicator, Paper Indicator either alternately or simultaneously. 

This is caused and caused by the Pad Counter which has reached the maximum limit of storage and printer usage. So it takes a reset action again so that the Pad Counter has status 0 again.

The steps to reset the Canon IX6560 printer with the latest 5B00 error

First, to reset the Canon IX6560 A3 blood inkjet printer, you need to prepare: Download Canon IX 6560 Reseter Program

Enter Service Mode Printer Canon IX 6560, to enter Service Mode printer IX6560 we do the following:

    1. Turn off the power of the printer but don't unplug it.
    2. Hold down the arrow key and press the power button.
    3. Keep holding the power button and release the arrow keys
    4. Press the arrow keys 5 times and simultaneously release 2 buttons.
    5. You wait a moment, you will see 2 lights are no longer flashing back and forth, only the power button is silent when your device is in Service Mode.

    Steps to Reset Printer Canon IX 6560

      1. Set Printer Canon MG3570 to Service Mode
      2. Prepare 3 sheets of HVS paper in Printer Baking
      3. Run the Canon MG3570 Resetter Application
      4. Click EEPROM
      5. In the Clear Ink Counter option, select Play and then click Set
      6. In Set Destination Region Select the JPN option then click Set
      7. Done

      Thus the Tutorial Guide on how to easily reset the Canon IX 6560 printer with blink error 5B00. Good luck and good luck

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