How to Fix Advan S4Z Plus Google Play Services Has Stopped

One of the problems or problems that I often encounter with Advan's Android Brand is an error that often appears Notifications Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped, or other applications that when I run suddenly a notification appear, unfortunately, the service has stopped and automatically application closes by itself (Force Close).

The problem of the frequent appearance of notifications, unfortunately, the service has stopped, is a sign that the Android system is experiencing a serious error and cannot be resolved by hard reset or restore it to factory settings.

It can also be caused by the condition the EMMC has decreased or even is almost damaged. As anticipation, I usually before doing the flashing execution, always first discuss with the problematic Android owner and provide an explanation of the risks when flashing is done where sometimes there will be a total death. sometimes by flashing Android Advan an error often appears a notification, unfortunately, the service has stopped, it can return to normal, but there are times when it is completely dead. Alhamdulilah, in this Flashing Advan S4Z Plus process, there were no problems and Advan S4Z Plus was able to turn back on normally and the notification unfortunately the service has stopped doesn't appear anymore.

But a new problem arises wherein the upper left corner of the Not Verified notification appears which indicates that the signal is problematic and does not appear due to the unsuitable version of the firmware used for flashing.

To overcome the Android Advan that Appears Notification Verified, we have to do the flashing again, but it is only limited to the NV flash file to return the Advan S4Z signal to normal again. for the method, please pay attention to the following screen recorder: For the Fix Signal Not Verified Advan S4Z Plus file, please download DISINI dan Advan S4Z firmware that I use DISINI

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome Android Advan Error notifications often appear, unfortunately, the Google Play service has stopped and overcome the Not Verified Advan S4Z Plus Signal after flashing.
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