Tips on how to deal with shortness of breath due to coughing in children

Shortness of breath which in medical science is called dyspnea is a condition in which a person does not feel comfortable and is tormented by difficulty breathing which causes the supply of air to enter the lungs to decrease inappropriately.

Respiratory problems in the form of shortness of breath usually occur in a short time, but there are some people who experience problems with shortness of breath for a long time more than a few hours, days, even weeks. shortness of breath can be caused by lung problems, suffering from asthma, anemia or other diseases related to the human respiratory system.

Tips to Avoid Shortness of Breath Naturally

Avoid drinking excessive coffee

Coffee is a drink that can trigger shortness of breath. Drinking coffee that is too frequent and excessive with high enough caffeine levels can cause inhibition and reduce the performance of the respiratory tract. besides drinking too often and excessive coffee can cause digestive disorders such as stomach acid and intestinal disorders.

Avoid strenuous activity that is draining

Working or doing strenuous, strenuous activities can also cause shortness of breath. A body that experiences fatigue during strenuous activity experiences pressure conditions, muscles and blood vessels in the chest area so that it can cause breathing problems, namely shortness of breath. work hard legitimately and are fine, but do not get pushed because the body also needs rest to restore energy.

Avoid smoking and drinking liquor

Smoking and drinking alcohol in addition to material harm can also damage health is also prohibited in religion and the government can also cause health problems such as shortness of breath. Especially the nicotine content in cigarettes which is very dangerous for lung health.

Avoid Improper Sleeping Position

A good sleeping position is very influential on health. Sleeping in an improper position can not only cause a sore effect in certain areas but can also cause shortness of breath, such as sleeping on your stomach. where the weight of the body rests on the chest so that the breathing process is not free and disturbed which can cause shortness of breath.

Avoid being in an enclosed space without air ventilation

Being in an enclosed space with almost no air ventilation can run the risk of causing shortness of breath such as being in a car with doors and glass tightly closed without air conditioning, or in a room without windows and air ventilation ducts with the door closed tightly..

Tips for Overcoming Shortness of Breath Naturally

Here are some methods you can try to treat shortness of breath naturally and independently:

Pursed-lip Breathing technique

Breathing technique Pursed-lip Breathing is a technique to relax the neck and shoulder muscles by closing the mouth and inhaling profusely then holding it for a while and then expelling it through the mouth slowly. Do this technique several times until you feel relieved and the feeling of shortness of breath is reduce.

Rilex stands with Lean

One way to deal with the problem of shortness of breath, especially when sleeping is to stand relaxed by leaning against the wall and then trying to breathe normally. If it's difficult then try the Pursed-lip Breathing Technique.

Sleep Lying or on your side

One of the sleeping positions that is not recommended is sleeping in the prone position which can cause shortness of breath problems. if you are unconscious asleep in a prone position and then wake up because you have difficulty breathing, try to change the position by lying on your back or on your left side then try to breathe normally by inhaling slowly through your nose.

Inhaling Air Through Mouth

Inhaling air through the mouth is the easiest way to do to overcome the problem of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, especially in cold conditions where the nose is more likely to be blocked so it is very difficult to breathe through the nose. but don't breathe for too long using your mouth because it is not good for the health of your lungs.

Slouch slightly

When you experience shortness of breath, especially during sleep, then you wake up due to difficulty breathing, the way you can try is to get up then sit back and relax, leaning forward a little and then start to breathe with the Pursed-lip Breathing Technique.

Tips for Overcoming Shortness of Breath with Natural Herbal Medicines

In addition to applying techniques to overcome respiratory problems, namely shortness of breath as mentioned above. To overcome shortness of breath can also be overcome by consuming natural herbal remedies from natural resources available in the environment in between:

Drink Soursop Leaf Decoction

One way to overcome the problem of shortness of breath using natural herbal remedies is to drink soursop leaf stew regularly at least 1 day 1 time. The content of soursop leaves is believed to treat respiratory and throat disorders.

Drinking lemongrass stew

Apart from drinking lemongrass stew, another way to deal with shortness of breath using natural herbal ingredients is to use lemongrass leaves which contain anti-inflammatory substances and essential oils. the way is to boil the leaves of serai with enough water then drink it after it cools.

Eat Garlic

In addition to cooking spices, garlic can also be used as a medicine to treat respiratory problems, namely shortness of breath. The content of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances Bawan putih is believed to treat shortness of breath. the way is to crush the puti and add honey and then use it as a medicine at least once a day.

Drinking Ginger Potions

Besides garlic, it turns out that ginger, which is commonly used for cooking spices, can also be used as an herbal medicine to treat shortness of breath. the way is to brew geprek that has been crushed with hot water and a little honey can also be combined with tea and lime juice.

Drinking Turmeric Potion

Turmeric herb besides being used as a medicine for diarrhea, it can also be used as a medication for shortness of breath. The content of anti-inflammatory compounds, antibiotics, and bacterial activities contained in turmeric is believed to be used to treat diseases or shortness of breath disorders. the way is to finely ground, grated or blended turmeric then brewed with warm water, add a little honey then drink the concoction periodically until the shortness of breath is felt to subside.

If after practicing the methods above, it seems that the problem of shortness of breath that you experience does not subside, even on the contrary, it gets worse. then immediately check with a doctor who specializes in internal organs to ascertain what problems or problems you are facing and don't delay because you are afraid the situation will get worse.

This is the description of shortness of breath disorders, tips on how to avoid respiratory problems, how to deal with shortness of breath with natural herbal remedies taken from several online health media sources.
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