How to Take the Skill Academy Kartu Prakerja Training guide

Continue the previous tutorial that is how to List of pre-employment card programs dan How to Connect the Pre-Employment Card Account, henceforth I will share experiences on how to take the Pre-Employment Card class training at Skill Academy.

I myself enrolled in the Pre-Employment Card Program on April 21, 2020. At that time I had entered Batch 2. The results after being evaluated on April 27, 2020, I was declared a failure and was instructed to take part in the next batch of batch 3 registration.

Registration batch 3 just opened on May 3, 2020, I tried again to register and Alhamdulillah I passed and was accepted as a participant in the Pre-Employment Card Program on May 6, 2020.

At this time the Pre-Employment Card Number and Pre-Employment Card Balance are still in process, so I have to use it until the Pre-Employment Card Number is issued and also the Pre-Employment Card Training Balance, then I can attend training at the Pre-Employment Card Partner which opens the training.

It was only on May 11, 2020 which means 5 days from the date of graduation, then the Pre-Employment Card Number was issued and I received a training balance for the Pre-Employment Card Account of Rp. 1,000,000, - which I can use to attend the training according to the interests of each participant.

Here I will share my experience how for the first time I took the Pre-Employment Card training. As per the advice of my friends who have suggested a lot of trying to take the Pre-Employment Card Class Training at Skill Academy, namely training SEO 101: How to Make a Website Exist on Google's Home Page.

The method is quite easy, just click the list of Pre-Employment Card Training Partners on the Pre-Employment Account Dashboard. Here, for example, I chose Skill Academy. Then we will be directed to the Webiste Skill Academy page.

On the Home Page of the Skill Academy Website, there will be a lot of training options displayed. Here I chose training with the title SEO 101: How to Make a Website to Exist on Google's Home Page for Rp. 250,000,-.

After we choose one of the training and click BUY NOW a new page will appear for Login Account. Because I have never created an account at Skill Academy, I must first create an account via the Register menu.

enter your email address and password, then click Sign in. The password does not have to be the same as the email password, it can be adjusted according to each taste, which is the password for your Skill Academy account.

Fill in the Skill Academy Account Registration Form starting from your full name, email, password and Mobile Number. I suggest using the same name, email and cellphone number used in the Pre-Work Account so that when there are problems it is easier to process.

After successfully creating an account at Skill Academi the next step is to choose at least 3 favorite categories.

Please select 3 categories that you like to learn, then click CONTINUE.

Enter the Purchase Detal Information and payment method, please scroll down and find the payment method using the Pre-Employment Card.

Select the Payment Method using the Pre-employment Card, then enter the Pre-Employment Card Number then Verify Account.

Confirm the Terms and Conditions using the Pre-Employment Card as a payment method by clicking the CONTINUE menu

Enter the OTP code sent to the Mobile Number used for Pre-Employment Card registration then click CHECKOUT

Payment of the selected Training Class at Skill Academy is successful. Klick VIEW CLASS

It's time to start classroom training, click Start Pre-Exam. The first time we will be faced with 15 opening questions. Answer the questions as best you can and don't just answer them.

The result from 15 questions in my Exam was only able to answer 8 questions correctly and the remaining 7 questions were wrong. Naturally, the questions that are served about SEO Marketing, while I myself am blind to SEO, in my opinion it is good enough to be able to answer questions with the right answers. click OK to close the Pre-Exam information.

The next step is to follow the training material, by clicking the Next menu. Please follow it from start to finish and don't skip anything, be it explanation or question videos. All Class Contents must be completed, if there is one that is discipped then it will never be able to continue and complete the training.

During the training, sometimes there are obstacles, namely Failure to Get Class Detail Data . so that the display will error white blank and or the training video is stuck.

To solve the problem of Error Blank class page the solution is to reload the page several times until it is normal.

If the page has been reloaded many times but the page fails to blank, it fails to retrieve class detail data, please exit the training page and return to the home page. Then Click My Class Menu.

Then the percentage of class training acquisition status will be displayed. Click Continue to continue class training.

Complete the class training stages in sequence until the Class Progress continues to reach a score of 100%.

At the end of the training there will be some final test questions taken from the previous discussion, so pay close attention to the explanation video so that you can answer questions easily and get good scores. After completing the training, don't forget to give a training assessment rating according to the level of perceived satisfaction.

The results of attending one of the classroom training at Skill Academy, we will get a temporary certificate as shown in the screenshot below:

Regarding the certificate, the Skill Academy will send completion data to the Pre-Work team. Furthermore, the pre-employment team will carry out the verification process before finally the certificate appears on the Pre-employment Card Account Dashboard. This process takes 9x24 hours (Weekdays, excluding weekends and red dates). Please check regularly on the Pre-employment Card Dashboard. We can buy new classes / training after the certificate has been verified by the Pre-employment team and will get an allowance of Rp. 600,000, -/

This is my experience taking the Pre-Employment Card Program Training at Skill Acadmy for the first time. Hopefully this guide and information will be of use to those of you who are planning to take the Silver Card training in the future, especially the Skill Academy Training.
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