Tutorial How to Resolve Canon ix6560 Printer B200 Error

Canon ix6560 is one of the Canon Brand Printer products with A3 paper size printing capability equipped with 5 CMYK Ketrid units with the code CLI-726 Black, CLI-726 Cyan, CLI-726 Magenta, CLI-726 Yellow, and PGI-725 Black. although it is equipped with 5 Ketrid units, basically the color combination used is only 4 kinds, namely Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, and Double Black Ink with a print speed of 11.3 ipm black white mode, 8.8 ipm for color and the highest resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi.

Like printer in general When used with long-term use it is certain that one day will experience printer hardware or software error. on this occasion I will discuss the problem of how to overcome the Canon ix6560 printer that has B200 error problems where the Error Support Code B200 notification window will appear on the Desktop, Printer When turned on the head moves briefly then Blink orange 10 times.

Guide How to Overcome Canon ix6560 Error B200

B200 Error problems on Canon ix6560 printers are most likely caused by 2 factors, the first is the Head Printer experiencing a Sort Trouble / damaged and the second is the weakening or damage of the Resistor Components with Codes R601 and R602. The following Tutorial Guide How to resolve Error B200 on Canon ix6560 printers please follow the following guidelines:

Check the condition of the head, make sure the head is in normal condition. The trick is to test the head to another ix6550 printer or can replace the head if it has a used headstock that is still normal.

If the head condition is certain to be still normal, healthy, no problems, then the next step is to check Resistors R601 and R602 using Multi Analog or Digital Test. Make sure the size of Resistor R601 is 7.5 Kohm and R602 is 15 Kohm. if the value changes, most likely the resistor is the culprit, please replace it with a new resistor unit or used retraction that is still normal.

For replacing resistors the equipment needed including; Solder, Tin Solder, Blower, Tweezers, Aluminum Foil, and Flux Paper. For those of you who work as printer or electronic technicians, of course, the business of replacing resistors is easy, but for those of you who do not have the skills in the field of soldering should submit to the experts or you can also try to learn to replace the resistor yourself with the consequences of being ready to bear the risk of Mainboard Short or even total death.

Guide on How to Replace Canon R601 and R602 Printer Resistor ix6560

After all the equipment I mentioned above is ready, follow the following guide for the steps to remove Resistors R601 and R602 and install R601 and R602 replacements:
  1. Turn on the Blower with a temperature setting between 250 - 300 degrees.
  2. Prepare the PCB Mainboard Printer, protect the mainboard components made of plastic with aluminum foil paper so that when you heat the resistor to be lifted, other mainboard components made of plastic do not melt.
  3. Give Flux to the Resistor to be adequately raised, and start heating using a blower.
  4. When heating is sufficient, a little smoke starts, clamp the resistor with tweezers and shake slowly (in this process heating is still done using a blower).
  5. Remember bouncy slowly or lift slowly do not try to force it because if the lead legs have not melted it could be the holder where the legs attached to the resistor could also be lifted. The resistor can also be removed by not being pinched, just push it to its left or right level, when the tin in the legs of the resistor starts to melt/soften.
  6. After the Resistor has been removed, trim the holder where the resistor legs are attached to, if the lead is felt to be lacking add a little tin so that later on the installation process becomes easy. 
  7. Install replacement Resistors using tweezers and manual soldering.
  8. Why not use a blower? because if you use a blower the wind pressure from the blower will make it difficult for you to position the resistor legs in place. so it's easier according to my version, in the installation process using manual soldering.
  9. After the resistor installation is complete, and it is certain that no lead is joined between the legs (free short) clean the remnants of the flux using a dry tissue or can also clean the mainboard using a special thinner.
  10. Reinstall the Printer main board and try the power on test

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome a Canon ix6560 B200 Printer as well as a tutorial guide on how to replace the Canon ix6560 R601 and R602 Printer Resistors. Good luck and good luck.
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