How to fix Epson L3110 Printer Service Required

Epson L3110 Series printer is the latest All in One Printer from Epson in 2019 with Print, scan, and copy features. interestingly on the latest Epson series printers, especially the L3110 Ink tank is no longer separate from the case unlike the previous Epson L series printer products where the Ink Tank is separate, for the L3110 series Intak is designed into a single body unit so that when the printer is about to be moved placement need not be afraid of ink spilling or falling and falling Ink Tank itself. .but there is one drawback in my personal opinion on the Epson L13110 Printer is the process of refilling ink becomes complicated if it does not use a printer ink refill bottle.

In this post, I will discuss a tutorial on how to deal with the Epson L3110 Printer which is experiencing Error Service Required. this problem usually arises after long-term use of the printer, where the Ink Pad Counter has reached the maximum storage threshold, so it is necessary to refresh to point 0 by resetting it using a special Epson resetter software in accordance with each type. in these conditions the printer cannot be used to print documents, and the ink and power blink indicator appears on the desktop and the Service Required Notification Window appears.

Guide How to Reset Epson L3110 Error Service Required

The following are the steps to reset the Epson L3110 printer that is experiencing Service Required errors using the AdjProg Resetter Software: Free Download Epson L3110 AdjProg Resetter
  1. Run Adjprog.exe Software 
  2. Click Menu Select, Model Name select according to the type of Printer that is L3110 and select Port Port according to the serial port used/connected to the L3110 printer. Click OK to apply Settings. 
  3. Click Menu Particular Adjustment Mode 
  4. Select the Waste Ink Pad Counter Option then Confirm Settings with Click OK
  5. Check the Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter then click Check. Then the value and percentage of Pad Counter achievement will be displayed 
  6. Check Back Pad counter and Platen Pad Counter Then Klick Intialize. The printer will respond to the resetter process and then the notification window will reset successfully and the command to turn off the printer power.
  7. Turn off the printer, then click OK on the command window to turn off printer power
  8. Click Finish
Until here the Reset Epson L3110 Printer process is complete and successful. To prove the results, please return the printer, it is certain that the Epson L3110 printer will turn on normally blink-free and can be used to print documents again properly. thank you for reading this tutorial from start to finish, good luck and good luck.
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