How to ByPass Pattern, Screen PIN and FRP Vivo Y12 with MRT Key

The problem of forgetting patterns on Android Mobile users is something that often happens.the average cause is changing the pattern or PIN too often so that because too often mutually change the pattern the edges become forgotten, as a result Android is locked and cannot be used properly.

On this occasion I will share experiences on how to resolve forgotten Patterns or Screen PINs and FRP Google Accounts on the latest Android Vivo Y12 currently using MRT Key Dongle.

With MRT Key Dongle Bypass Pattern or Screen PIN and or FRP Google Account Vivo Y12 is very easy and fast process. Surely you can not wait to know how to do it immediately, please refer to the following views

First in the condition of your Computer or Laptop connected to the Internet Network, run the MRT Key Application. Here I use MRT Key Version 3.57. follow the instructions as I demonstrated in the screenshot below, on Model Choose Y12, Port select Auto, Operation Options Select Format (Unlock) then click START.

In the Vivo Y12 Power Off state, connect with your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Can be connected without pressing any button, wait until the MRT Key Application detects the Vivo Y12 Device and the ByPass process will automatically run.

however If the Vivo Y12 Device is not detected in the above way, when connecting with a Computer/Laptop using a USB cable while pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

If Device Vivo Y12 is detected and the MRT Key Log window appears running text, wait for the process to finish. When the GPT Data Reading Car has appeared ... Succest All is Done !! indicates the ByPass process is complete and successful.

Unplug the USB cable, and turn on the Vivo Y12. After doing the Vivo Y12 Format will light up on the vivo logo boot for a little while between 5-10 minutes and will enter the setup mode to use the New Device.

Usually if Android has been synchronized with a Google Account, after the Format / Resset has been done it will certainly be locked FRP Google Account.

When remembering email accounts and email passwords that have been previously synchronized, this is not a problem. But if it turns out you forgot the e-mail or e-mail password that was synchronized last time the only way is to bypass it

To bypass FRP Goole Vivo Y12 accounts can use the MRT Key, the method is almost the same as above, only different options. Select psi Erase FRP then click START.

In the Power Off condition, reconnect the Vivo Y12 with the Computer / Laptop using a USB Cable. Wait for the MRT Key Application to detect the device and do the ByPass.

If the Vivo Y12 device is not detected and reads the MRT Key as above, when connecting to a computer while pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

Wait until the FRP Bypass process is complete, the process is a bit long. Especially at the Reading Mobile GPT data stage...

When the notification is All is Done !! means the FRP bypass process is complete and successful. Unplug the USB cable and try restarting the Vivo Y12.

At the Login Using Google Account, the Skip Option will appear, please set the New Device to complete.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily ByPass Patterns or Screen PINs and FRP Google Accounts Android Vivo Y12 using MRT Key. Good luck and good luck!!!
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