Guide Install WhatsApp Desktop Latest Update Computers & Laptops

To install the WhatsApp Application on a computer or laptop is actually very easy.we just need to download the WhatsApp Installer setup file on the official WhatsApp website and then run the installer with a double click without any next and next click steps like installing applications in general.

But if you when installing the WhatsApp Desktop application using the old master update installer file, what happens is that the installation process will display the Updating WhatsApp notification window, and will automatically try to download the WhatsApp update by itself. if the computer or laptop connected to the internet network, of course this is not an obstacle.

But if you are in a location that does not reach the internet network or you do not have enough quota then what happens is the process of installing the desktop WhatsApp application will fail. When you close the WhatsApp installer update dialog then the install process is declared a failure.

It is necessary to download the WhatsApp Master Desktop Installer with the latest updates on the official WhatsApp website. At the moment the minimum Operating Windows System that is supplied is Windows 8for Windows 7 users you must use the old version of the Installer and then update it during the install process. Download WhatsApp Windows Latest Update

After you download the latest WhatsApp Installer File, you can use the isntaller file to install the WhatsApp Desktop Application on the Computer and Lapton both Online and Offline until the release of the latest Update from WhatsApp itself.

When installing in Offline mode an Update Window will also appear, but for a different appearance unlike in the screenshot that I showed at the beginning of this post. just close the WhatsApp Application window when you arrive at this step, even if it is closed the Install process will still be successful because you have used the WhatsApp Desktop Latest Update Installer file.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Install the Latest WhatsApp Desktop Update Computers and Laptops Online and Offline. Good luck and good luck!
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