Easy ways to Overcome Forgotten Patterns Redmi 5A

Forgetting Pattern or Screen PIN is something that often happens among Android users. This is due to frequent changing Patterns or PINs, it could also be due to user factors which are forgetful type people. so that when making your own patterns do not remember the patterns that have been made. Android locked pattern or PIN can also be caused by an error in the system, even though the correct pattern or PIN has been entered, it is still stated as errorh.

On this occasion I will share tutorials on how to overcome forgotten patterns on Android Xiaomi Brands. This method can be applied to all Xiaomi brand Androids, especially on Redmi 5A which happens to be a practice material in this tutorial.

The way is very easy, you don't need to come to a Mobile Technician. You can do it yourself with a note you must remember with the User and Google Account Password and Mi Account that has been synchronized before. when applying this method both conditions must be met, otherwise you must be prepared to accept the risk of Android being locked into a Mi Account and FRP Google Account.

Tutorial guide How to Overcome Forgotten Xiaomi Android Screen Patterns or PINs

Please follow the steps below to resolve the problem of forgetting the pattern or screen PIN on the Android Xiaomi that you are using:

  1. Turn off Android Xiaomi whenever possible
  2. & nbsp; If it can't be turned off, just press the Power and Volume UP buttons at the same time
  3. Then Xiaomi Android will enter Recovery Mode
  4. Select the Wipe UserData menu option, use the Volume Up and Down Buttons to switch between menus and the Power Button for Command Confirmation. 

After you do Wipe User Data, restart Android Xiaomi, and Android Xiaomi will turn on again but it will take a long time on the Boot process. Just wait until the boot process is complete and enter the setup mode to use the New Device After Reset.

Do Settings Using a New Device, select Skip options if available so the setup process is faster. if you experience problems Xiaomi Android locked Mi Account or FRP Google Account, while you do not remember the email or password account please find the solution in the search menu of this Blog.
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