Easy way to Compress Microsoft Word Illustrated File Size

For the first time I was asked for help by one of the customers to reduce the size or in cool language compress file size Microsoft Word. Initially I was clean enough to provide information that Microsoft Word files to the best of my personal knowledge can not be reduced, unless the extension is changed for example into a PDF file.

But my customer is still determined to ask that I can reduce the size of the Microsoft Word File in the form of a Thesis file that will be uploaded on the official site where the lecture is concerned. based on the explanation of the thesis file size 5 & nbsp; MB while the maximum limit of files that can be uploaded is 4MB.

In terms of size I feel suspicious, why the Thesis file in the Microsoft Word extension can be that big up to 5MB in size? whereas to my knowledge all files when Microsoft Word averaged only tens or hundreds of KB. I myself have never typed in Microsoft Word with the file typed more than 1MB, even though the file I typed was dozens of pages and there were even a few hundred pages.

It turns out and it turns out, after I check the thesis file many attach images. Naturally, if the file size becomes larger when compared to Microsoft Word files that only contain text.

From this it follows that the solution to shrink the size of the Microsoft Word Thesis file is to shrink the image (Compress Image). The way is Click Image, the Format menu will appear then select the Image Compress menu as I showed in the screenshot below

Compression Option window appears: Please Select Web Options (150 ppi): good for web page and projectors. This option was chosen because the file will be uploaded so this setting is felt to be the most appropriatefor compress print quality results select Print Options (220 ppi): excellent quality on most printers and screens and for quality files to be shared on social media select the e-mail option (96 ppi): minimize document size for sharing.

The result is a Thesis File that was previously 5MB in size has now changed & nbsp; only 813 KB in size. & nbsp; The quality of the image resolution in the Microsoft Word file even though the Compression has been done is not so noticeably reduced the quality of the resilience of the image still looks clearly not broken.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to minimize, Compress, minimiz, reduce the Size of Microsoft Word File in which attach images easily. Hopefully useful, good luck and thank you for visiting.
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