How to Guide ByPass Patterns and FRP Oppo F1s with MRT

This post is the result of the ByPass documentation Android Pattern and FRP for the first time I use MRT Key Dongle. from the title of this post may be a little bit strange, it is not like usual where I add the words " Pre-Employment Card " at the end of the Title which certainly has no connection with the discussion of the problem ByPass Pattern and FRP can even be considered odd .

Long story short, I tried one month ago to register as a participant in the Work Card.Alhamdulillah, my application / registration was received, and I received training funds for attending the Pre-Employment Card Partner training class, henceforth I was entitled to get an Incentive from the Pre-Employment Card Program. I used the incentive from the Work Card Program to buy the MRT Key Dongle.because indeed it has been a long time since I wanted and craved to be able to have an MRT Key Dongle which could be used to simplify the process of ByPass Pattern and FRP of some Androids with the Oppo and Vivo Brands in particular.

This time I will share my experience on how to overcome the Forgotten Pattern / Screen Pin and FRP Google Android Oppo F1S Account using MRT Dongle.

How to ByPass Pattern and FRP Oppo F1s

In the condition of a Computer or Laptop connected to the Internet network and the MRT Dongle Key. Run the MRT Dongle Application Version 2.60 then select the MTK_Tools menu

Select Format Format on the Operation Options Tab, on Others Options Select EMMC_Flash_Init_1 or EMMC_Flash_Init_1, on the Global Options Tab Select Oppo Only.

Click Start, Press the Volume Up and Down Oppo F1s buttons together then connect the Oppo F1s using a USB cable. when the MRT Key Application detects and reads the Oppo F1s Device is indicated by the running of the Indicator Bar under the star button and the text appears in the Windows Log MRT Application still press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons do not release until the Corresponding Operation Completed !!! appears.

After the Stop Button returns to Start and the Corresponding Operation Completed notification appears !!! release the Volume Up and Down buttons. The User Data Reset process is complete and successful. Unplug the USB Cable then try turning on the Oppo F1s.

After doing a UserData Reset using the MRT Application, Android Oppo F1s will return to the factory settings. Perform the setup to use the New Device After Reset following the procedure.

In the process of setting up the use of the New Device appears the command Sabangkan devices to the internet via a SIM Card or Wi-Fi Network and there is no Skip Option. This indicates that Oppo F1s will eventually be locked FRP Google Account.

After connecting to the internet network then pressing the Next button, the Account Verification Window will appear and the device notification has been reset. Enter the address and login using an email that was previously synchronized.

If you do not remember the email account or password, the only way is to do a ByPass FRP Google Account can use MRT. Return to the MTL_Tools MRT Menu, choose settings following the Screenshot below then do the ByPass like the previous step.

After ByPass FRP, the Google Account Verification step will disappear and the Skip Option appears and you can set up the use of Oppo F1s.

By using MRT Key, Bypass Pattern / Screen Pin and Google Account FRP on the Andorid Oppo Brand, especially Oppo F1s, it is very easy and fast.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily overcome the problem of Oppo F1s Forgot Pattern, Forgotten Screen PIN, Locked FRP Google Account using MRT Key. Hopefully it can be a guide for those of you who just bought the MRT Dongle and want to practice the ByPass Pattern / PIN and FRP Google Account on Android Oppo F1s.
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