Tutorial How to easily and quickly ByPass Pattern VIVO 1714 Y69

Today precisely before this afternoon I just got and finished the work of ByPass Pattern Android brand Vivo 1714, better known as the Vivo Y69. To overcome the problem of Vivo Y69 being locked due to Forgotten Pattern or Screen PIN there are 2 ways that can be applied. both of these ways are quite easy to practice, even though you are still a beginner though.

Without much direct ado I will discuss the first way bypass the pattern or Vivo Y69 Screen PIN using the MRT Key Dongle.

Tutorial guide on How to ByPass Patterns & Vivo Y69 Screen PIN with Key Dongle MRT

ByPass Pattern, PIN or FRP Google Account on Android with Mediatek Chipsets such as Vivo Y69 using the MRT Dongle Key is the easiest and very fast process.

Run the MRT Key Dongle V2.60 then follow the numbering based procedure that I pinned to the screenshot below:

Connect your Vivo Y69 with your computer or laptop using a USB cable while simultaneously pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons .when the MRT Key has detected and read the Y69 Device marked by the appearance of a red bar, release the presses of both buttons and wait for the bypass process to finish.

After the notification Correspending operation complated !!! that means the Yvo vivo pattern bypass process is complete and successful.

Unplug the USB cable and try to turn on the Vivo Y69, then the Vivo Y69 will enter setup mode to use a new device After Reset.

Do the settings to use the New Device to follow the tour, select the skip option if available so that the setting process is faster.

Setting process for using the new Vivo Y69 device is complete, the notification appears Congratulations! Your telephone has been set up.

But usually if the user has previously synchronized google email, the device will automatically be locked FRP Google Account as shown in the screenshot below. Plus the Chinese letters icon appears with a notification Current status of antenna: up Switch of antenna: on.

To remove the china icon, you simply press the china icon for a few seconds, the notification window will appear close floating window, confirm OK.

Tab Prepare Phone to continue using new device settings after reset. Connect your Vivo Y69 with a Wifi network or data from the SIM card then log in using an email address that has previously been synchronized. if the user doesn't remember his email address or forgot his email password, the only way is bypass. For the tutorial, please refer to the discussion here: Tutorial How to Easy ByPass FRP Google Account Vivo Y69

Finally the previously locked Vivo Y69 can be used again. But the User data that is on the internal cellphone all lost the effect of doing a forced reset using the MRT Key.

For those of you who don't have an MRT Key don't need to be discouraged, there is a second way you can try that is with a lightweight flash using specialrimeware. You only need SP Flashtool to re-flash Vivo Y69.

Tutorial guide on How to ByPass Patterns & Vivo Y69 Screen PIN with SPFlashTool

The following is a tutorial guide on how to bypass the Pattern and Screen PIN of Vivo Y69 using SPFlashTool with special hardware. Before practicing, please download ByPass frimware Locked Screen Vivo Y69.

This tutorial is guaranteed to work, I took it from one of the tutorials on Youtube, you don't need to hesitate to practice it. Make sure the computer or laptop that you are using has the MTK driver installed.
  1. Run SPFlashTool
  2. Enter the Scatter file and uncheck Preloader, leave only the cache and userdata sections
  3. Press Control + ALT + S, then 2 additional menu menus will appear Autencation File and Cerfication File
  4. Enter the Autencation File
  5. file
  6. Klick Icon Download
  7. Vivo Y69 in the Power Off condition connect to the computer or laptop previously accompanied by pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously
  8. Wait for the Flash process to finish, which only takes a few seconds or minutes
  9. After the Flash Process is complete, unplug the USB cable and try turning on the Vivo Y69
  10. Wait for the Vivo Y69 after Flash Boot process between 5-10 minutes
  11. Complete
Thus the Tutorial Guide 2 Easy and Fast Ways ByPass Pattern & amp; Vivo 1714 Y69 Screen PIN with MRT Key and SPFlashTool. Please choose one of the methods above which is the easiest for you to practice and according to your ability. Good luck and good luck.
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