Tutorial How to Register a Prime Card by .U Telkomsel

As I promised earlier in the discussion of previous posts How to Order a GSM SIM Card by.U Telkomsel that I will review the card from the time of sending the card, how to register the GSM Card by. Telkomsel, GSM Card Network by.U Telkomsel is it available in all regions of Indonesia, register by.U Telkomsel internet card package by.U and list of topping packages by.U Telkomsel which is a special telephone package and social media application.

In this post I will only discuss how to register a Prime Card by.U Telkomsel, for another point I will discuss in the next post so that this post is not too long and you are not bored reading it. I bought a card by.U Telkomsel last Friday afternoon, and the card arrived at the JNE Office in my area on Monday afternoon and only this afternoon JNE courier was delivered to my house because the distance between the JNE Office and my residence is quite far. here is the appearance of a GSM Prime Card by.U Telkomsel who are still virgins:

The card's unique and elegant color is different from other Telkomsel SIM cards with the characteristic of using a combination of Red Color. It seems that Telkomsel wants to show a different renewal and nuance.

Telkomsel's SIM Card network by.U is the same as other Telkomsel cards such as the Simpati Card, Halo Card and US Card. Secure signals are marked with a full signal bar and the logo of Telkomsel. So it can be concluded that by.U SIM card can be used anywhere as long as there is still a Telkomsel Transmitter Tower Tower.

To activate or register a GSM SIM card by. U Telkomsel is not like a GSM card registration in general. Usually, the card registration via SMS is 4444 standard, but for Telkomsel's Prime Card by.U the SIM Card registration process must go through the by.U. application.

After the Telkomsel by.U Prime Card is installed in the mobile card slot, activate internet data using the by.U Telkomsel card by.U and open the by.U Telkomsel application. Click the Activate SIM menu

Your activation message appears almost complete, prepare your Family Card (KK) and Identity Card (KTP) then click Register

Click the Scan for KTP menu, if notification by.U allow the application to access the camera select allow and scan your ID card. There is a small rectangular column of faint white color, pointing the column exactly to the combination of NIK numbers on your ID card.

Automatically if you move the KTP the procedure is correct, the camera will capture a photo of the KTP automatically, your NIK KTP will appear in the Application.

Enter your Family Card Number manually then click Register and a data input confirmation page will appear. If everything is in accordance with the actual data, click Sure

The activation process will take several minutes, keep the application running and don't close the application on the activation process.

In this activation process, the network type indicator will repeatedly restart, appear H +, LTE and sometimes missing no network indicator.

After the activation process is successful the Home page of the by.U application will open up the usage details information, the remaining total data, the rest of the telephone and the rest of the toppings like the screenshot above.

Until here the registration process SIM Card by.U Telkomsel is successful and can be used for fun internet. In the next post, I will review the list of Internet Cards SIM Card Package by.U Telkomsel don't forget to visit again.
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