Tutorial How to Quit Groub Chat Messenger

In using social media applications such as Messenger, sometimes there are things that are uncomfortable, such as without notification and approval is suddenly entered by a friend or other unknown person in a Chat Messenger group.

as I have experienced in the past few months since many friends from Pakistan and India have been included in their Group Chats without first notifying and confirming.

Hectic conversations in the group with the number of members interacting with each other raises chat notification notifications that sometimes disturb comfort. Mobile phones become more frequent sounds of notifications of new conversation notifications.

Here I will share my experience and knowledge on how to exit the Messenger Conversation Group using the Android Messenger Application.

Open the Messenger Application then Tab the Messenger Conversation Group that you want to exit. Then the settings window will open as shown in the screenshot below

Scroll down and find Options Leave Group

A notification appears Exit Group? Tab Exit 

That's how to get out of the Messenger Conversation Group using the Messenger Application on Android. I hope it helps you who doesn't know how to leave the Conversation Group on Messenger.
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