5 Reasons Not to Choose a Canon Multi Scanner Printer

As we know, Canon printers today at affordable prices dominate the printer sales/marketing in Indonesia. But do you know that behind the success of Canon in the field of printer marketing, there are several factors that might be taken into consideration to buy it? here are some factors based on observations and Admin's personal experience that are the basis for Not Choosing a Canon Multi Scanner Printer:

  1. Canon Multi Scanner printers Type MP 287, MP 258, MP 237, et al., the average error is easy, there are many types of errors on this Canon Multi Scanner printer, more than 20 error codes on the Canon printer with the initials P and Ethe more types of error codes, it indicates that the printer is having problems, and there will certainly be many problems after long-term usage. for the type of damage that most often occurs is the first Disconnect Resistor that is coded with error code P10, Second Failed to enter Save Mode can be due to a combination error Manual Reset or indeed IC Eeprom which is already weak, Third Damage to the Sensor Paper E03. 
  2. The darts on the Canon Multi Scanner Printer are on average not very durable and very easy to wear, the Admin himself has ever tested one pair of new original cartridges which are only capable of printing out 500 sheets with a continuous print system (chasing the target) with a few minutes delay. and with long term usage (daily print) only last a maximum of 1 month. 
  3. The circulation of many genuine but fake Canon printer cartridges will certainly be detrimental to consumers, the original alone is not durable especially the KW? 
  4. Canon printers and Keter prices are increasingly rising and there is no balance between price increases with quality goods. Just imagine the price of the first Canon IP 2770 came out only around Rp. 275,000, - and now it's 650,000, depending on location.
  5. Sounds when used print that seems rough and noisy, as well as the time load starting (print preparation) that is quite long up to several minutes each time used for printing documents. 
Thus article 5 Reasons not to Choose a Canon Multi Scand Printer, hopefully, it can be useful as a material for knowledge and greetings from TEKSO
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