How to open Android Files on PC with ES File Explorer

Open files in Android on PC Desktop Computers and Laptops we can do in various ways, one of which uses a USB cable or WIFI with the addition of the ES File Explorer application.

If you often move files from Android to PC Desktop Computers or Laptops, vice versa both photo files, documents, and videos that use a USB cable connection.

Of course the larger the file size that is moved, the longer the file transfer process.

Therefore if you want to transfer Android files to a PC Desktop Computer or Laptop quickly, then the way you can use is to use WIFI + Es File Explorer application.

ES File Explorer advantages for transferring files

  1. The file transfer process is faster
  2. No need to use a USB cable and Driver
  3. Can be done remotely, according to the strength of the wifi signal
Oh yes before doing this method, you must activate Hotspot on your Android, then connect the Hotspot to your PC or Laptop Desktop PC.

1. Android

The thing you have to do is install the Es File Explorer application, then you open the application. The next step you select the Remote Manager Menu / Remote Manager Click the Turn on button.

Then make a user and password to access the file, how to select Settings Set manager account Enter your username and password then click OK.

Now you have successfully created FTP and also a User that can be used to access all Android folders from your PC.

2. Computer or laptop

First, you open Windows Explorer Right-click on Computer then click the Add a network location menu

The next step you click Next on the Add Network Location Wizard and you select Chose a custom network location then select Next

In the Internet or Network address column: you enter the IP given by Es File Explorer, for example, then click Next

If you have passed the above steps, then you enter to connect to FTP, but you have to uncheck the Log On Anonymously first so you can enter your username, then click Next

After that give a name or let the system give a name then click Next and Finish

Make sure the Remote Manager in Es File Explorer is active so you can open the folder on Android.

If this process is successful then you will see the contents of the Android folder from a PC and of course can copy or transfer files from PC to Android or vice versa quickly and easily.
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