How to Overcome Video on Facebook Pages to Not Auto Play

In this post I will share a tutorial on how to disable the auto-play video feature that appears on the Facebook page (Status Vidio or Vidio Ad). for some people with auto-play video on Facebook pages is uncomfortable and tends to be embarrassing sometimes.

How not if the video that appears on the Facebook page that you are accessing, is automatically a video that is not worth listening to, while the condition of the volume of your mobile phone is in a high or loud voice and you are in the public right that many people around you.of course it will be very frustrating and annoying.

Therefore we need to arrange for videos that appear on Facebook pages to not autoplay, so we only allow videos that we really want to see. Of course, we are ready with the surrounding conditions when watching videos.

How to tab three vertical lines down in the upper right corner of the Facebook Application, then select the Settings and Privacy menu.

On the Settings and Privacy page Scroll down and select the Media and Contacts menu

Media settings will appear, please set as needed and deactivate AutoPlay Media Video Select the AutoPlay menu.

On the setting page Auto Rotate Menu Checklist Never Play Auto Video.

Until this stage we have succeeded in disabling the auto-play video feature on the Facebook application, now try to access the Facebook page and try to find the video post the video content will not be played automatically and the play icon appears, which means the video will only be played when we press the Play Video icon.

That's a short tutorial on how to deal with videos on Facebook pages to avoid autoplay, share this tutorial with your friends who might need it.

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