How to Maintaining Privacy of WhatsApp Accounts

Keeping Personal Information on your WhatsApp account from the Public is something that needs to be applied. Where not everyone who knows or gets our WhatsApp number can recognize our identity through profile photos or account information that is covered in the registration process.

For those of you who want to apply the WhatsApp Account Privacy, the method can access it in the settings menu or settings.

Select the Account menu (Privacy, Security, Change Number) then select Privacy

Select the Profile Photos tab to set the Privacy Profile Photos where we can allow or block someone or only a few people who can see / not be allowed to see our WhatsApp profile photo.

Select the Info Tab to do the Privacy Information Account settings such as profile names where we can allow or block someone or only a few people who can see/are not allowed to know the information on our WhatsApp profile.

Thus Tutorial How to Maintain Privacy WhatsApp Account so it is not easily recognized by the public. Hopefully useful and see you in the next tips.
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