How to Know the Blog Platform Easily

A platform is a place or site that provides account creation & nbsp; website or blog. There are many platforms that provide free blogging nowadays such as; blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You can find it through google search.

Here I will not discuss in detail and at length about what is a platform, I just want to share a tutorial on how to know the platform of a website or blog without having to ask the owner. so when you feel interested, amazed and curious about a website that is good in appearance and quality of content you can easily find out the platform or place of origin of the website you want to know the making, whether WordPress, blogger or others.

I myself often experience this, feel curious about the big blogs that have been successful in bringing a lot of reader traffic and income from advertising. as a beginner blogger who is pioneering building a blog, I also aspire to become a successful blogger. that's what motivates me and makes me even more curious to want to know exactly what platform they use?

It turns out the way is very easy and anyone can practice it, it turns out there is a special Google Chrome extension that can be used to check the type of platform for a blog or website easily called Wappalyzer.

You can get the Wappalizer extension easily and free of course on Google Webstore. Open the Google Webstore website page in the extension search field, type the keyword "Wappalyzer" then search or enter tab.

The Wappalyzer Extension search results appear, and there is an Add to Chrome menu, click to add the extension in the Google Chrome Browser that you are using.

The Notification Confirmation window for installing Wappalyzer Extension appears, click Add Extension

Wappalyzer extension will automatically be installed in your Google Chrome browser, and the official webpage of the developer Wappalyzer opens, note that in the right corner of the browser the Wappalyzer extension icon will appear.

Now you can check all the websites or blogs that you want to know from the type of platform used. For example, here I will try to visit some of the Success Indonesia Blogger websites

The first time I tried to visit the Bang Adhy Suryadi Blog is, the results of the Wappalyze extension show that the Magic Company Blog was created using Blogger's platform.

Henceforth I try to visit Mr Sugeng which is, the result of the Wappalyze extension shows that the Magic Company Blog was created using the Wordpress platform which at first this Sugeng blog using Blogger.

The third time I tried visiting Mas Timon Adiyoso's blog,, the results showed that the Mas Timon blog was created using the Blogger platform.

Then I tried visiting the blog Mis Igniel, one of the famous female bloggers in Indonesia, the results showed that the blog was created using the Blogger platform

It's easy, it turns out we can know the platform of a blog without asking the owner
Now it's your turn to try to practice it, to find out the platform used by the website that until now you do not know and you feel like knowing it. Thank you for visiting, if this post is useful please help like the FansPage and share it with other blogger friends.
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