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  • How to Enable WhatsApp Account Two-Step Verification

    One of the main factors of the ease of social media accounts, especially WhatsApp is broken or hacked by people (taken over) is because we, as account owners, do not require the security of account settings. for now, almost all providers/developers of Social Media applications have provided a two-step verification feature to increase the security of user accounts such as Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp.

    Here I will various tutorials on how to activate the two-step verification feature on the WhatsApp application that works to increase the 2 layers of account security so it is not easily taken over, hacked, hacked by other people who might be nosy, have bad intentions or have a personal grudge against you so that you target social media accounts as a vehicle for revenge or profit.

    Open the menu after your WhatsApp account then select the Two-Step Verification menu

    Enter your Account Safety Pin which consists of 6 digits, and also enter the email address that will be used for account backup if your mobile number is no longer active, the email address will be used as a place to receive the code & nbsp; security from WhatsApp.

    If you have activated the Two-Step Verification Option, then when you try to log in to your WhatsApp account on other devices you must enter a pin consisting of 6 digits previously created.

    That's the Tutorial on How to Activate the Two-Step Verification Feature in WhatsApp Account Security Options to improve the security of your account of irresponsible people who want to take control of your WhatsApp account. Want to subscribe to the Latest Post Update Notification? Please Join with Us Berbagi Tutorial Online WhatsApp Grup or Blogger SEO Knowledge On Google News
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