2 Tutorials on How to Convert Word to JPG

There are many types of file conversion requirements for Ms. documents. Word to documents with other extensions such as PDF, Presentation, Exel, and JPG., for now, the need for the converted file has almost become & nbsp; a routine for some people, especially those who work as educators, or office employees in supporting various types of report document files.

On this occasion, I will share a tutorial on how to convert or overwrite a Microsoft Word file into an Image or JPG file easily using 2 different methods. The first method covers the Word to JPG file online through a document file converter provider website and the second is offline using the default Windows application, Paint.

Convert Word to JPG Online 
This is the easiest and simplest way, but your computer or laptop must be connected to the internet to access the online file converter website.

  1. Open the Zamzar.com site & nbsp;
  2. On the Zamzar.com dashboard page, select menu 1 Add Files and enter the Word file that you want to convert to JPG
  3. Click menu 2 converts to and select the JPG extension
  4. Click menu 3 Convert Now, and wait for the converting process to finish
  5. Click the download menu to get the file Convert Wort to JPG
  6. Save the converted JPG file to the computer or laptop Drive
For more details, you can see the following capture image:

Convert Word to JPG Offline
This is a manual method and is quite easy to do if there is no internet network available. Change or convert the Wort to JPG file using the Paint application

  1. Open the Word file or worksheet that you want to convert to JPG format
  2. Copy all text and images in the Word worksheet by pressing CRL + A then press the CTRL + C key or Right Click select the Copy menu to copy.
  3. Open Paint, then paste or paste can be through the Paste icon on Paint or through the CTRL + V keyboard combination
  4. Crop the Paint Worksheet to your liking
  5. Click the File menu, select Save AS or with the F12 key on the keyboard, then select JPG File type then Save
For more details, you can see the following capture image:

So the tutorial on how to change or cover Word to JPG files online and offline easily. Hopefully what I shared above is useful for you, don't forget to leave a trail by using the Like Fans Page or sharing to social media.
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