How to Check Quality Blog Backlinks for Beginner Bloggers

Check Blog Quality. Know the Quality of Blogs and backlinks that are owned by both personal blogs and other people's blogs is something that needs to be known and learned by Blogger who is still a beginner. whereby knowing the Quality of Blogs and their Backlinks, especially Blogs that are privately owned can be used as a benchmark of success in building and managing a Blog. Without knowing the quality of the Blog itself, a Blogger will find it difficult to optimize his own SEO Blog because he does not know the advantages or disadvantages of the Blog he manages.

Besides that also knowing the Quality and Backlink Blogs that are owned by others, especially Competitor Blogs are very important. in addition to measuring the ability of your own blog to compete with competitor blogs with the same niche, it can also be used as a motivational material if it turns out that the quality of competitors' blogs is better than your Blog. you can continue to innovate and make efforts to optimize the Blog so that the quality of your Blog becomes better so that it can be equal or higher quality than the Competitor Blog.

The following is a Simple Way that can be done by Beginner Blogger to see and find out the Quality of the Blog and its Backlinks, using a 3 Website Analysis Tool Online:

1. How to see Blog Backlinks and Domain Ratings

There are many Website Analysis Backlink Tools that can be used to check Backlink Blogs, but what I usually use and in my opinion is very good and no doubt its accuracy is ahrefs backlink checker besides we can see the number of Backlinks that Blogs have in Real, with the backlink checker ahrefs we can also see the Domain Rating or Blog Domain Ranking in the search engine which is a very important indicator to know the ranking position of a blog and its content in search engines like Google.

Open the page ahrefs backlink checker

Enter the URL of the Blog domain that you want to check the Number of Backlinks and Domain Rating it has. Click Check Backlinks, Checklist I am not a robot and then see the results as shown in the screenshot below:

The more and the higher the percentage of DoFollow Backlinks and also the Domain Rating owned by the Blog, the better the quality of SEO of a Blog in the eyes of search engines. if you do not believe and feel curious, please Check the Value of Backlinks and Domain Ratings owned by big blogs whose content is powerful on Google's Page One page.

2. How to View DA and PA Blogs with MOZ

One of the determinants of the quality of a blog that until now many bloggers who believe and make a benchmark is the Value Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). for the DA and PA Check Tool, I used to use MOZ which in my opinion is definitely Accurate and more Real results despite the many DA and PA Checker Tool Websites.

Open the page Moz Domain Analysis Tools

Enter the Blog Domain URL then Klick Analyze Domain, the results are shown in screenshot below.:

The higher the DA and PA Blog Value, it can be ascertained that the Blog is old enough and also already has a lot of content that brings in a lot of readers and most likely also has a high-quality Domain Rating and Backlink DoFollow.

3. How to see the Alexa Ranking Blog 

The third point that is no less important to see the quality of a Blog is the Alexa Rank in other words Blog ranking based on the number of Page View and Unique Visitor. The higher the PV and UV of a Blog, the value of the Alexa Rank will be more streamlined (smaller).

It can be ascertained Blog with a slender Alexa Rank has high daily traffic and also it can be ascertained that many articles sit on the top 10 pages of user search results on search engines such as Google and Yahoo Bing.

To see the Alexa Rank Value of a Blog, I think all Bloggers already know it through the website

Visit Alexa Rank Site Info

Enter the Blog Domain URL and Klick Run Analysis or press the Enter Keyboard Button. The result is more or less like shown in the screenshot below

With Alexa Rank which is getting leaner, we can be sure that the quality of a blog is undoubtedly very good with high readership traffic which is automatically accompanied by Domain Authority and Page Authority and Domain Rating is increasingly increasing.

So Tutorial How to Check to see and know the Quality of Blogs and their Backlinks using a 3-way Website Analysis Tool Online easily for Beginner Bloggers.
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