Easy way to Order a GSM SIM Card by.U Payments with DANA

Since the launch of Telkomsel's new product Multipurpose Digital Internet By.U card has been warmly welcomed by the people of Indonesia. Evidenced by the increasing number of SIM Card users by.U until now. As for the advantages of the Telkomsel SIM & nbsp; card that I felt after usage approximately 5 Months ago the Internet package by.U is very cheap and affordable and the price does not change even though it was bought many times. unlike the price of other Telkomsel Card internet quota packages such as As and Simpati where when often purchased the large quota will continue to grow along with the rising price of the package.

Other than that I feel that the Network and Internet connection of the SIM Card by.U Telkomsel are quite stable. During use, I have never experienced any slow or dwelling problems at all.

One more privilege SIM Card by.U when compared to previous Telkomsel card products such as Kartu As and Simpati. The period of by.u card does not depend on the routine of topping up, simply activating the package at least 1 day in 1 month by.U SIM Card will be active forever. not to mention when there is a loss of a card, or a Non-Active card because it exceeds the grace period we can order a by.U card with the same number easily without having to painstakingly take care of the loss at the Telkomsel Grapari Office.

I think that's enough, a brief explanation of the latest Telkomsel Digital GSM SIM Card Products, namely by.U and its advantages. Henceforth I will discuss how to easily get a SIM Card by.U by way of ordering online through the Application by .u which can be downloaded politically on PlayStore with payment using the DANA Application.

Please note that there are several methods of payment by.U SIM Card orders between via Bank Account Transfers, through Alfamart Stores and Indomart, through Aja Link, GoPay, OVO and FUND.

Easy way to Order a SIM Card by .U Telkomsel

1. Open the Application by.U If you don't have it, you can download it first on PlayStore or directly through the Referral Link, I can get a quota bonus of 2GB Directly I WANT to Buy a Card by.U Now or Through here can also be and all to read the Reffral Link by.U Program

When you Referral Link Tab, 2 options will appear to access the page from the Referral Link, please select Open Link by.U with by.U

After open by.U Application Create Package Tab

Confirmation OK to confirm the Free Quota Bonus of 2GB #RirchGiga from by.U

Choose the package that you want to buy according to each budget, the price of the Prime Card by.U depends on the price of the package you choose plus the shipping cost of the package sending the Card.

After selecting a package that is suitable and in accordance with the Budget, a Credit Purchase offer appears. If you don't want to buy additional credit, just continue.

To be able to buy a Card by.U each individual must have a Google Account, If you do not already have a Google Account please create it first and if you already have a Google Account just go ahead Register with a Google Account or you can also register using your Facebook Account.

Enter your email address then Next tab

Enter your e-mail account password then Next tab

Wait a few moments the application login process is in progress

The Number Options appears by.U please choose which one you like, if nothing matches your taste, leave it until the number of minutes ends the number selection ends and a list of new number options will appear.

After finding the Number Combination that matches your taste, Select the number of your choice and the Continue Tab

Choose the method of receiving a SIM Card, if your house is close to the Office by.U just select Take SIM Card, but if your house is far and even different cities with Office by.U select Options SIM Card Delivered.

Enter the Recipient's Name Details, Recipient's Mobile Number (Not the by.U Number that you are currently ordering), Shipping Address, POS Code and Package Delivery Service in your area.

Now go to the payment step, select payment with FUNDS, if your DANA balance is not enough then Top Up first to Alfamart or Indomart, geratis is not charged the usual Top Up services.

Continue Payment tab using FUNDS, in your Payment Confirmation step & nbsp; PAY tab according to bill amount.

Payment of SIM Card by.U Prime Order order through FUND successfully, tab returns to exit from FUND payment pag.

Then you just have to wait for your SIM Card by.U packaged and sent, usually within 1 x 24 hours the order will be sent ..

To track the sending of the Card through the SIM Card Track menu, a Delivery Receipt Number and the status of the shipment are displayed.

Thus the Tutorial Guide on How to Easily obtain a SIM Card by.U by Ordering it online directly through the Application by .u with payment using cheap FUNDS, the process is fast and not complicated.
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