Easy way ByPass FRP Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Latest Samsung FRP byPass. The Samsung Android case is locked FRP Google Account is not new anymore, very often I handle cases like this. On average locked as a result of being reset either through the menu back to factory settings or through Recovery hard disk. Android reset is usually done because you forget the pattern or screen pin, and flashback because Android Samsung has an error system.

For example, I have just handled the Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime with the Model Number SM-G1600 which is locked FRP Google Account due to resetting by its own owner without first activating the OEM Unlock option. actually if before doing the OEM Unlock Option Reset activated the Samsung Locked FRP Google Account problem will never occur. But unfortunately, very few people know about it.

After resetting through Recovery with a combination of the Volume UP button, the Power Button and the Home Button at the bottom of the screen then reset User Data, Cache and Dalvik-Cache Samsung Android when it is turned back on it will go to the new user device setup menu and finally your Account Verification notification will appear, indicating that your Samsung Android is locked FRP Google Account.

If you Remember with a Google Account Username and Password that has been synchronized before, this problem can be easily resolved. But on the contrary, if the owner does not remember and forget the username and or password there is only one way to overcome it by way of bypassing it.

Easy way to Remove FRP Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G1600 Latest

1. Run the Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 CrackingGSM Team Application. Previously make sure your computer has Samsung Driver installed. If not, please install it first.

2. Connect Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime with the computer using a USB cable with a SIM card installed.

3after Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is detected and reads Windows, Click the Scan menu on the Samsung FRP Helper V0.2 Cracking GSM Team then the COM Port of Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime will appear as shown in the screenshot below

4. Enter Dial Number 310 and Click the Call Now menu, automatically on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime screen will appear Calls to Number 310.

5. Wait a few moments until the menu options appear on the 310 call screen

6. After the Menu Option appears equivalent to Dial Number 310 Select Message Menu

7. Type Message www.google.com then send the message

8. URL tab Google.Com will automatically open Google browser page

9. Visit the Samsung Galaxy Store | Application and Other sites

10. Scroll to the Samsung Galaxy Store page and find the menu Open "Galaxy Store"

11. Menu Tab Open "Galaxy Store". If the message Samsung Galaxy Apps Update appears please update first.

If the Samsung Galaxy Apps New Version download process is not running, and it closes by itself, it means the network quality is not good. In my experience, only in the morning after the dawn prayer, the download process can run normally.

12. Wait for the Samsung Galaxy Apps New Version download process to complete

After the download and install the Samsung Galaxy Apps update is complete, a Samsung Application List window will open.

13. Search, find and install Samsung Internet Browser

14. Open and run the Samsung Internet Browser after installing the Update

Now we are free Browsing Google to find and download the ByPass APK Tool application that will be used to bypass the Google Account FRP.

15. Type in the Google search bar "BERBAGI TUTORIAL" find the Blog Berbagi Tutorial Online.

16. Tab menu line 3 on the top left of the Blog Berbagi Tutorial Online

17. Open the ByPass FRP Tools Menu

18. Download FRP Bypass Android 6.Apk and Smart Easy ByPass.APK

19. Install FRP Android 6.Apk and Smart Easy ByPass.APK. Then Run Easy FRP ByPass

20. Tab 3 Point in the upper right corner, then select Browser Sign-In

21. Please Login using your Google Account username and Password as a ByPass

22. After logging in, and returning to the Easy FRP ByPass Application window, restart the Android Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

23. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime's FRP ByPass process was successful, the account was successfully added

The latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is free from the problem of being locked into a Google Account and can be reused as it should.

To restore & nbsp; Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime as factory default and delete Email that has been added to ByPass, the next step is to reset the Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime to factory settings.

Activate the Developer Options Menu, by Tab Build Number 7 times through the Software Info menu

After Active Developer Options, Developer Options Tab menu

Open and Unlock OEM Unlock, tab on writing do not go through the On-Off menu to the right

Also, enable USB Debugging, Tabs on writing do not go through the On-Off menu to the right

Factory Data Reset Menu tab to restore Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime to Factory settings and delete all additional applications and user data.

Confirm Reset to Factory Settings with RESET DEVICE Menu Tab

Confirm Factory Data Reset With DELETE ALL Menu Tab

Finally, the Neutralization Process Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime from the issue of locked Google Account FRP is complete.

Thus the Long Tutorial Easy Way ByPass FRP Latest Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G1600 which cannot activate and enter TalkBack. actually, if the TalkBack menu can be activated the ByPass process is shorter but due to unknown reasons & nbsp; Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime cannot enter TalkBack and only the Invoice feature is active. This is the only way for Samsung Android ByPass that can't be through TalkBack. for those of you who need the Tool above, please contact me through the Contact Us menu via email or WhatsApp.
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