Easy way ByPass FRP and Mi Riva MCT3B Redmi 5A Account

This post is a continuation of the Tutorial on How to Overcome Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B Locked Mi Account. Where after the ByPass Mi Account process was complete it turned out I was faced with a new problem namely Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B locked FRP Google Account. which is a condition where you are required to log in to your Google Account using a Google Account that has been previously synchronized, while the owner himself forgets his Google Account password, and the number used to register a Google Account is no longer active.

To overcome the problem Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B is locked FRP Google Account there are 2 ways that can be taken. The first way to use computer assistance and the second method without using a computer. For a discussion of the two ways above, please refer to the following explanation:

How to ByPass FRP Google Accounts Using the RBSoft Mobile Tools Application

This method is the easiest and simplest way to practice. But in the process of working it requires a computer or laptop
1. Connect Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B with the computer using Qualcomm Test Point Method.

2after confirming the Device Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B connected in Qualcomm Mode which can be seen in the device manager is marked by the appearance of the Qualcomm HS USB QDLoader 9008 Port.

3run the RBSoft Mobile Tool Application in the condition of the Computer or Laptop connected to the Internet network.

4. Load the Prog emmc fire hose file Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B through the Manual Loader menu

5. Click the Reset FRP menu and wait for the process to finish
6. The FRP ByPass process is complete and successfully marked with the appearance of the notification as shown in the screenshot below on the Windows Logs of the RBSoft Mobile Tool Application.

Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B lights up but only to the extent of charging and then turns off again. Unplug the Battery Connector and plug it in again then try turning on Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B. in this way Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B is free from Google Account FRP issues and can be used again properly.

How to ByPass FRP Google Accounts Using the ByPass APK Tool Application

This method is the most suitable way for those of you who cannot operate and/or have a Computer or Laptop device. Although this method is a bit complicated and long the results can still be reliably able to overcome the problem Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B is locked FRP Google Account.

1. Turn on Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B which is in the process of setting up the use of a new device after doing a Hard Reset and locked FRP Google Account. In Step Connect to Network connect Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B with internet network via Wifi connection.

2. After Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B connected to the internet network, Tab Add network, type letters randomly then hold tab until a sharing options menu appears. Select the rightmost menu with the up arrow.

3. Select Share via message, then in the recipient's address field type www.youtube.com. The text tab appears until the sharing option then select number 2 menu next to the magnifying glass icon. The Youtube page will automatically open.

4. Account icon tab in the upper right corner of the Youtube window, then select Options Requirements & amp; Privacy Policy.

5. Select Google Chrome Browser, replace the Youtube URL with the search keyword " Sharing Tutorial " then confirm the search command.

6. Open the Blog Sharing Online Tutorial Site page, Tab the left-hand menu and Find the ByPass FRP Toos Menu.

7download Bypass FRP Android 6 APK and Quick Shortcut or Download Apex Louncer then after being able to access Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B in full Download Smart Easy Bypass Apk.

Additional notes: This tutorial can be put into practice to solve the Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B problem that is locked by the Mi Account and in the ByPass process it is necessary to activate the USB Debugging mode when using the ByPass Mi Application Qualcomm's Test Point Mode account fails due to an already weak EMMC condition.

8. Next steps please do the Google Account FRP ByPass using the above application. If you are confused about how to do so please look for one of my posts that discuss Samsung's Android FRP ByPass using this method via the Blog search feature.

To deal with the Mi Cloud MCT3B Redmi 5A Locked Case please read the previous post entitled: 5 ByPass Ways to Overcome Forgotten Mi Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B Account

Thus Guide 2 Tutorials on How to Easily Bypass FRP and Mi Accounts Redmi 5A Riva MCT3B. Hopefully, the above tutorial is easy to understand and practice. If you need the above ingredients please contact me through the Contact Us menu.
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