Deal with Redmi 5A Riva MCG3B Locked MI Stubborn Account

Redmi 5A Riva MCG3B Locked MI Account. As usual, here I will share a tutorial about overcoming the problem of damage to android mobile phones related to software problems. This time I will share safeguards on how to solve the & nbsp; Overcoming Redmi 5A Riva MCG3B Locked or MI Account lock. but not as usual in handling this time quite troublesome because MI Accounts are stubborn and difficult to overcome bypass.

So when Redmi 5A has been bypassed and is not locked, Mi Account turns out when the SIM card is installed and connected to the wifi network, Redmi 5A is automatically locked again.

To overcome the problem MI Account on Redmi 5A which is super stubborn, you have to bypass the Mi Account in 2 stages. the first step is to overcome the Mi Account problem when Redmi 5A Offline is not connected to the internet and the second is to overcome the MI Account problem so that it is not locked again when connected to the internet network.

Deal with Redmi 5A Riva MCG3B Locked MI Stubborn Account

The following is a guide or steps for how to bypass MI Account Redmi 5A Riva with the MCG3B product code that can be seen in the back case.
1. Open the back of the Redmi 5A Case and also the Machine PCB cover case, before removing the 2 SIM Card slots

2. Connect Redmi 5A to the computer using a USB cable with the EDL Test Point method. How to connect 2 test points near the LCD connector with tweezers then plug the USB connector.

If the procedure is correct then the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 device will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below :

3. Use the Application (TheKiKuk) to & nbsp; bypass MI Account. The trick on the Port Communication serial selects the port in accordance with what appears in the Device Manager.

4. Click on the INFO menu and the Redmi 5A Device information will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:

5. Click the MiCloud Menu, wait a few seconds if it works, a long log will appear and Redmi 5A will restart automatically. But if it looks like the screenshot below this means the ByPass MI Account process failed because of a Hello Packet From Device problem.

To overcome it, you can try it when Redmi 5A has entered EDL mode and you are ready to run the MI ByPass Account application, press, and hold the battery connector to do the bypass. If not successful, do the way below.

6. Flash Redmi 5A uses RIVA MI CLOUD CLEAN if an application error problem (flash fails) do as above when pressing the battery connector so that the hello packet problem does not appear (Hello packet is a problem that arises from the unstable battery current, it could be due to weak battery power or a less strong battery connector)

7. ByPass Mi Account Redmi 5A process by flash is complete, unplug the USB and battery connector then re-plug the battery connector then turn on the Redmi 5A.

So that MI Account is not locked, it should turn off the entire Wifi Internet Network, so that Redmi 5A is not connected to the internet network.

8. Activate Developer Options by pressing MIUI Version 7 times on the About Phone menu

9. Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options if it appears Allow USB Debugging and Allows USB debug confirmation OK

10. Connect Redmi 5A back to the computer, make sure your computer has PdaNet installed so that the Redmi 5A device can be read in ADB mode.

11. Run the Xiaomi ADB ByPass Tools Application, Check Device then click DO Job

12. Notification Alert Now Use Bypass Mi Account Function Alert? Click OK

13. Check Mi Account ByPass (ADB) then click Do Job

14. Wait a few seconds the ByPass process, after completion, the notification will appear Successful and Redmi 5A will restart and enter the charging mode.

15. Turn on Redmi 5A, Install the SIM Card and Connect to the Wifi Network or use SIM Card data access. The result is that Redmi 5A is free from the problem of being locked into a Mi Account and can be used to access the internet without having to fear being locked up again.

Force Close notifications will often appear, ignoring them will have no effect. That is the risk of Mi Account bypass.

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