Redmi 4A Locked FRP Google Account solution

Redmi 4A Locked FRP Google Account. One of the many problems or obstacles that are often faced by Android users is the Google Account FRP Locked. I often handle this case, on average the cause is that Android has just been forced to reset via recovery.

Redmi 4A Locked FRP Google Account solution

Here I will share Tutorials on how to overcome the problem of Locked FRP Google Account Redmi 4A easily without the need for complicated finger bypass gymnastics methods. Incidentally, I forgot to capture the position of Redmi 4A which is still locked in a Google Account. but you don't need to doubt this tutorial is 100% worked and tested.

1. Turn off Redmi 4A, open the back case and the PCB cover

2. Pay attention to the 2 points adjacent to the LCD connector which are the Redmi 4A test point.

3. Connect Redmi 4A with a computer in Qualcomm ELD mode, how to connect to 2 test points with tweezers or cables and then connect the USB Data cable from the computer.

If the procedure is correct then the device manager will detect the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 serial. Make sure your computer has previously been installed Qualcomm Driver.

4. Run the RBSoft Mobile Tool Application, enter the Redmi 4A firehose MMC file which can be taken from the Redmi 4A firmware master via the manual loader.

5. Click the Reset FRP Menu to delete the previously synchronized Google Account and to the Format UserData menu to delete the Pattern or Screen PIN

6. Wait for the ByPass FRP process to run for a few seconds, if successful then the display in Windows Logs will look like the image below:

Redmi 4A will restart, but only boot until the MI logo then dies and enters charging mode.

7. Unplug the USB cable, remove the battery connector and plug it in again then try turning on Redmi 4A and setting up a new device user preparation.

8. Is complete, the problem with Redmi 4A locked by Google Account FRP can be resolved very easily

Thus Tutorial How to Easily Overcome the Redmi 4A Locked FRP Google Account Problem. If you need materials and tools above, please contact me through the Contact Us menu and don't forget to Like FansPage, Subscribe Channel and share to social media.
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