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Tutorial How to add author or Admin Blogger

In this post, I will discuss tutorials on how to add new authors or admins to bloggers. the feature is very useful because with the existence of feature add a new author or admin will make it easier in the management of the blog where the owner of the blog admin when not have time blogging because of the other busyness.

For Buddy bloggers who want to make friends, siblings or girlfriends as the author or Skaligus Admin blog so that they can participate manage the blog jointly can use this feature by going to the Dashboard Blogger then select Settings menu Select Sub Basic Menu then Scroll Tuesday, down select menu Add author.

Enter the prospective e-mail author/author/admin New then Klick invites author, automatically mail confirm the author's invitation will be sent to the invited email. Next step the candidate author simply opens the email and confirms the invitation by Clik the link the Confirm received automatically will be confirmed and brought to the menu Dashboard Blog. Until here we are finished or successfully predate the author/author of the helper with a limited feature can only manage the post section. If you want to give full access to the blog management Please change the author status on the Blog Authors sub-menu to Admin.

Feature This can also be used when a blogger is about to sell his blog, so after agreeing on the price and payment received blog owner just deleted his ownership status on the Blog author menu by previously changing the buyer's account Once the author becomes an Admin.

Quite, So tutorial how to add a Pegnarang, author or admin blog Helper in managing the Blog, see you in the next tutorial.
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