10 Reasons Why Should Start Blogging

Having a blog that you always update with articles or useful writings will bring a lot of profit for you. Blogging is not only a place to write and publish your writing but more than that. With the blog, you can also make your blog as an online business field that is very tempting in the all-time internet like today.

I've started blogging in the past few years and have gotten a lot of benefits like being the one who mastered some of the topics that I previously did not really understand. Besides the benefits of the added knowledge of both technical and non-technical, I also get many advantages in terms of the financial aspects of blogging. Honestly, I am currently 100% making money to meet my needs is from the blogging world that I lived patiently. In this article, I will explain in full about 10 reasons why you need to start blogging.


The first blogging reason is having a blog itself will make you someone an expert in writing. The first time you have a blog maybe your writings look ordinary and not good to read, but with overtime with a lot of reading articles from the famous blogs both domestic and abroad will make you smart in Create articles.

Also, you will be clever in creating neatly arranged text layouts with a wider explanation so that your blog visitors are more than happy to read your writings.


The next blogging reason is that having a blog will automatically increase your insight in a variety of ways or that includes on a specific topic that you discuss, when you start serious in the blogging world then you will be increasingly diligent reading both from Online media and books. That way your level of insight automatically increases.

For example, if you have a tech blog, you'll read a lot about the latest technology news and learn the pros and cons of a wide range of technological devices in greater depth than people in general.


Most people who will start to have a blog think that blogs are expensive, but in fact, to have a blog it does not require a costly cost even free if you want to write on a blog platform such as Google-owned Blogger free For your use.

But if you want to have a more professional blog then it takes a little capital to buy a domain name and hire hosting. You can use the platform to create a free blog like WordPress and buy a domain with a price ranging between 12-15 dollars or about 120 thousand to 150 thousand rupiahs. And to rent hosting prices ranged between 250-500 thousand in a year.

By having a paid domain name you can choose a domain name that fits your liking or fits your brand. And by using your own hosting it means you have full control of your blog and that means there are no restrictions on access or adding features to the blog. Unlike when you use a free blog where you just hitch a ride and it makes you not free because there are many limitations.


To have your own blog it is very easy, although you are a person who has never learned in creating a blog if you learn and read some tutorials that you get on the Internet then you will find it easy to follow step by step in Create your own blog. Especially if you choose to use WordPress as a platform to create a blog then it will be a lot of you find tutorials on creating a blog with WordPress either on this blog or you can read a very complete guide on creating a blog with WordPress created by Hostinger, you can read it on their blog via the following link ⇒ How to create a blog with WordPress.

If you don't want to create your own blog then now it's a lot of blogging maker services that you can get at an affordable price. So with this, you just have to focus on writing or creating content and not thinking about technical stuff. But even so, you keep it better for a little much to learn about technology platforms such as WordPress so you will be more able to maximize your blog independently.


With a blog you can quickly improve your brand, blogs can be accessed from various places even countries without any limitations. You can introduce your product or business through blogs and promote your blog in a variety of ways so your products and business become better known.

In addition to this blog, you can write a full detail about your product or business so that your potential customers understand more about your products and business that ultimately make them new customers and increase their trust.


Blogs can be used as a marketing medium or very effective online marketing. Everyone must have used a lot of search engines like Google to get information about anything, and with blogs then there will be a great opportunity for your business known through search engines.

Advertising via social media, AdWord or from the installation of banner advertisements on other blogs is indeed very effective, but using media marketing through advertising requires a very large and limited cost over time. Unlike a blog that will always be a cheap advertising medium for an unlimited time.


By having a blog you can have a very great opportunity to make money from the blog. There are already many famous bloggers who share success stories from blogging and they even share monthly earnings reports from their blogs.

As I've explained at the beginning of this article that I personally also made the blog as a farm to make money and 100% of the earnings I can be from the blog activity. Of course, this might be the reason most often used by many people to start a blog, and you should also start it right away from now on.

There are many ways you can make money from blogs such as following the Google AdSense program, self-contained advertisements, joining affiliate programs from a variety of services or products, selling both digital and physical products, reviewing or reviewing various Products and services, consulting services, and much more.


Many people use blogs as a medium to channel their hobbies like writing and to share their vacation travel stories, but you can also share various works such as photos or images through the blog and make Gallery in the blog, so blog not only as a place to write only but also able to share various types of media files such as images, audio, and video.


Through your blog can also be a famous person, thanks to the writing work or the work you share on the blog and if it is beneficial for visitors to open up a wide opportunity for you to be acquainted by many people or even in law to Talk in a special seminar. Also, you can get a lot of friends from other bloggers who may be discussing topics or have similar interests to you and can even form a special community either online or in real life.


By having a blog will make you a disciplined person because you have to actively learn and create fresh content, if you are not disciplined in dividing the time to create article content then you will lose in the search engine results with Other bloggers who may be discussing the same topic as you.

Next up is your coaching consistently. Many new bloggers fail before achieving what they want due to a lack of consistency in building his blog. You should not stop at 10 or 100 just writing, but to succeed you need high consistent nature in learning to be better and produce useful articles continuously.

The last blogging reason is to train patience. When you decide to create a blog, then the first thing you should know is that blogs are not an instant way to succeed. Much needed patience and not least time to achieve success in blogging. If all these things you can do then rest assured you will be a real success in the blogging world.

And that's 10 reasons why you need to start blogging. Hopefully, this article is helpful and gives you motivation before starting to create a blog. Good luck
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