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How to Fix Paper Jammed Eror E03 Canon MP 287 Printer

On this occasion, I would like to share the Canon MP 287 service Printer experience with the Paper Jam crash indicator or the E03 error. Unlike the cases of Canon MP 287 Paper Jammed printers that once Admin handle. This time Bener-Bener different and had made the Admin giddy and wondering and almost just give up. Considering the processing time is long enough about 4 hours more than 10 minutes.

At the beginning of this story, there is an Admin customer who consults that the interval can suddenly not be used for print. When the Admin asks what the damage indicator is? The Paper Jammed printer on the monitor screen appears in the Load Paper Eject dialog box with the command pressing the Scand blue color and on the printer, indicator screen shows Error E03. In the beginning, Admin immediately convicted that the paper Sensor is damaged because when the Admin asked whether when the print and paper are used perfectly interested? He replied the paper was perfectly drawn only when the paper was attracted and the positioning of printer printing immediately stopped Paper Jammed.

Once the printer is delivered to the Admin base, just go Admin and replace the paper sensor, as the result of when the printer is tried to test print is still jammed. Because the curious Admin tries to replace the paper sensors stock times the existing sensors are not all 100% healthy. It turns out after 10 times change printer paper sensors are still Paper Jammed.


This means the disease is not in the paper Sensor, the Admin tries to check the item Scanner times Error is in the Scanner section, try the test scan through Photoshop as result Scanner is normal running without constraints. Then Admin tries Reset printer based on search results Googling mostly say E03 one of them with Reset. But apparently, the printer can not enter the Save mode. Several times try to press power button combination and resume 4x printer detected new device but the screen on printer indicator is not numeric 0 but number 1 which means printer in normal boot state instead of Save mode.

Fairly giddy he made, without thinking the length of the Admin immediately uninstall the mainboard and replace IC EEPROM 104. Apparently and apparently after replacing IC Eeprom and test printers are still experiencing Paper jammed. This is where the admin starts to despair, 've checked the full-body unloading no foreign objects stuck, change the paper sensor already, change IC Eeprom already, Kok still do not meet Cause????

Because of curious and retrospect loss if the Admin of Trapizz Aja, it's been hours of unloading tide no result of a sure loss of time and energy, better forwarded than on no results. This time the admin tries to replace the mainboard printer with the mainboard Canon IP 2770 Because the admin does not have stock of Canon MP 287 mainboard. Physically between the Canon IP 2770 mainboard with the Canon MP, 287 is very similar that distinguishes only the power button on Canon MP 287 is more modified with the FilterFilture Scand and its friends, then there is an additional socket Scanner.

After replacing the Mainboard and test, the result is still Zonk, Paper Jammed disease still appears. From here the admin concluded the most likely damage is in Mechanik. At first, glance, if you see the mechanic movement of the printer there is no problem all running normally. But since it has changed the mainboard still Paper Jammed means the location of the damage is not on the paper sensors and the mainboard printer is definitely on the mechanics problematic.

The Admin decided to disassemble and replace one unit of the Ketrid House following its steel plate holder. Because if separate dismantled will complicate the work so it's easier to uninstall one device.

After going through the stages of the process is very long and took a long time, finally, a Biyang culprit error Paper jammed found. It turns out that the error component is in the head home area, whether it is a flexible cable or the components that are in the area of the head home itself. Now the printer is back to normal and ready to use.

Conclusion of the long history service Printer Canon MP 287 Error E03 Paper Jammed is not always the Error E03 Paper Jammed caused by the breakdown of paper sensors, and also the existence of something that hinders the movement of mechanic printers. Apparently, damage to the House Head area can also be read Error E03 or Paper Jammed by the system printer.

Suggestion: For Buddy blogger who handles or service printer canon especially equipped with a scanner. After finish installing/repairing the printer components do not use to immediately install the case box. We recommend that you first check if it works properly or not. Because if directly installed we do not know for sure whether it really works well so at risk of loading the plug again. Example printer in test print condition after repaired as shown below, important all components are installed in place.

So tutorial Error fix E03 Paper Jammed on Canon MP 287 Printer, hopefully, useful and thank you for visiting, see you in the next tutorial.
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