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Tutorial how Resolve Vivo Y71 Forgot Pattern With RBSoft Mobile Tool

To solve Android Vivo problems Y71 locked patterns as a result of forgetting or having a friend's brother who is ignorant of changing   pattern without our knowledge is very easy. This way it also proved successful to address Vivo Y71 that locked FRP Google Account.

Typically Android Vivo who locked the pattern when the pattern was successfully opened, appeared a new problem that is locked Google Account that has previously been synchronized. Since Device is detected on reset it will automatically lock Google Account and it is required to log in using previously synced email. If not then the phone will remain locked and returned in the user preparation phase of the new device after it is reset wipe data and cache.

To Wipe Data via key combinations or better known as Hard Reset on Vivo Y71 have to confirm using the created pattern, so if you forget the pattern then you will not be able to do a hard reset to Wipe Data and Cache.

The only way to overcome forgotten patterns or Pin screens, as well as Locked FRP Google Account on Vivo Y71, is to use the help of a computer. One of the software that became my mainstay is the RBSoft Mobile Tool which can be used to ByPass patterns and FRP Google mobile accounts that use Qualcomm chipsets.

For those of you who do not have the application RBSoft Mobile Tool can download on the ByPass menu that is in the Header area of this Blog and to file Jamu ByPass patterns, pins, and FRP Vivo Y71 please download in advance via the following link: Download Prog Emmc Firehose Vivo Y71.

After you download and extract RBSoft Mobile Tool, in the condition of Windows   connected to the Internet network, Run Administrator Load_RBSoft_Mobile_Tool.

Login using user and password in the Notepad that is already available in WinRAR file, then load File Prog Emmc Firehose Vivo Y71 via Browse menu, do not forget the manual loader checklist first.

Connect Vivo Y71 with a computer using a USB cable in the Qualcomm Test Point mode by connecting 2 points of the test point using tweezers and then connect the USB connector. For the point of Vivo Test Point Y71 Please note the following photo:

Point Test Point is behind the foam that I give the red arrow if the procedure is correct then in Device Manager will appear Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008. changing pattern

Kemudian kembali ke RBSoft Mobile Tool, Klick Format User data untuk Wipe User Data dan Cache Vivo Y71 menggunakan bantuan software ini.

Process Bypass pattern or screen Pin Vivo Y71 will take several seconds or minutes later on Windows logs RBSoft appears text Rebooting Device which means the ByPass process succeeds.

Then Vivo will illuminate and enter the Wipe Data mode

After the process, Wipe Data complete Vivo Y71 will restart and enter the Logo Boot mode. In this process, Vivo Y71 will look like a Bootloop stuck in the logo. However quiet do not panic, just wait for a few minutes then Vivo Y71 will turn back to normal.

After waiting a few minutes between 5-10 minutes, the end of Vivo Y71 illuminates and enters the new device setup mode after the Reset Wipe Data and Cache is done.

Take a Tour the new Vivo Device preparation steps Y71, select Skip to a specific setup point when available to speed up the new Device setup process.

After finishing the setup process with the now using button appears, you will be faced with a new problem, namely Vivo Y71 locked FRP Google Account, to use the phone Vivo Y71 first you must sign in to the Google account owner Used on your phone when it was last reset.

Turn off Vivo Y71 then connect it to your computer in Qualcomm mode, just like the way above. Once Qualcomm's Device is detected and appear in Device Manager. Back to the RBSoft Mobile Tool app.

Now select FRP Reset Menu to open   Vivo Y71 the locked Google Account, wait a while until the process finishes marked with the advent of text Rebooting Deice on Windows Logs application RBSoft Mobile Tool.

Vivo Y71 will turn on briefly and then shut down and enter the charging mode. Cabuk USB Cable then tries to turn on Vivo Y71. If it doesn't turn on unplug the battery connector then plug it back in and try turning it on.

Perform a new device setup process until completion, and now Vivo Y71 is free of both the pattern and the Google Account.

This is the easiest way and can already be assured of success to overcome Vivo Y71 forgot pattern or Pin screen as well as locked FRP Google Account if you do a flash reset when Vivo Y71 locked pattern may be successful, but the Flash is reset Can not cope with FRP Google Account. changing pattern
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