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Secrets of Blog Approved Google Adsense

Secrets of Blog Approved Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best answer for you who want to earn money from ads based website. Nowadays there are many ways to make money through blogs, one of which is to advertise from Google Adsense (GA).

Before you register your website in GA, you should know in advance the reason why many Blog/Web is rejected by GA.

Agar Blog Diterima Google Adsense

Secrets of Blog Approved Google Adsense

Reasons why blogs aren't accepted Google Adsense

The following are the reasons bloggers often experience, why Google Adsense doesn't approve new account creation applications, here are some of the reason:

Less good content
One of the reasons why not received GA because your website doesn't have enough amount of content. Before agreeing to your GA account, Google will check the website in advance what amount of content on the website you are asking.

If your web has little written words and words that are hard to understand, your blog will usually be rejected.

Not only that, but the sentence on the content must also conform to the rules of the correct writing and the article must be original homemade, not copy-paste results, at least pass the copy scape or plagiarism checker.

Less comfortable viewing Blog themes
A lot of blogs have a bad look that makes visitors uncomfortable, usually, Google Adsense will immediately reject it.

The solution is to create a blog with a comfortable look possible for visitors, although minimalism doesn't matter, which is important to be pleasant and quick to open.

Your Website doesn't have a Privacy policy page, about us and contact/contact
There is a page that you should make on the blog and this is mandatory before you apply for Adsense to receive it. The page is a privacy policy, about, and contacts.

Content Result From Plagiarism
One factor that is most often the cause of AdSense speed rejection is the content of a blog post is the result of a copy of someone else's content either partially or in its entirety Although accompanied by a link source.

The presence of URL links that aren't accessible and or lead to pages not found
The invalid page Url is also the average cause of the AdSense speed rejection. Where there is one or several navigation menus that do not contain a valid link. For example, the Header and Footer menus are still represented in the template's # default sign.

Age of blogs that are still several days and weeks
One other factor that is also the cause of AdSense rejection is blog age that is still relatively new created and not fully indexed by Google Webmaster Tools (Domain and Content). Based on the experience for blogs submitted and received AdSense is at least 2 weeks old and has content with an average amount above 10 posts.

Secrets of so that Blog Approved Google Adsense
Things you should do to be accepted Google Adsense

Focus with quality articles
Creating a quality article is an article that is free of plagiarism checker and copy scape, and at least an article you create a length of 500 words or more, as well as added images, at least 1 image, then the article you create can be useful for people Other.

In fact, Google also doesn't really know if the articles you're creating are beneficial to others or not, but Google is sure to judge them from how often the articles are visited by different visitors after the articles you've created are published.

You have to create at least 20 quality articles and post on your website. After that share the article on social media and social bookmarking, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

SEO Always Important
Do you know what SEO is? Apparently, SEO has a significant impact on your website to be accepted by GA. Nowadays SEO is used as a benchmark for monetizing websites by GA because good or whether website quality is assessed from Page Authority and Domain Authority owned by A website.

Registering a Blog to Google Webmaster Tools
Blogs that are already listed and registered in Google Webmaster Tools are the main requirements that the blog receives into AdSense advertising publishers. Before registering your blog to AdSense make sure the blog is already Terindex Google. You can see the status of the Blog index following its content in Google Search Console if the performance menu has appeared total click Information, total Impressions, average CTR, and the average position of your blog meaning is ready and it's time to register with AdSense. Also, you have sent a blog that has a sitemap in Google Search Console.

Complete Navigation Menu
One of the terms of the blog accepted and approved by the AdSense Team is that the blog must have navigation complete and accessible to users and the absence of difficult or misleading navigation. Make sure all the pages linked in the menus that are in the header and footer are accessible and don't get any invalid links or no error pages found.

Availability of Website information
The information about the website is the existence of the About menu, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Term of Service and Sitemap. So it makes it easy for Google and users to recognize your blog. Who are the founder, contact can be contacted and the purpose of establishing the blog itself?

SEO Friendly Blog Template
The meaning of SEO Friendly Blog Template is a fast loading template not much or excessive containing JavaCript code, responsive with a display that can adapt to the device that the user is using both computer, android, tab, and other Etc. You can check through Google Page Speed Insight, GTMetrix, Mobile SEO Friendly Test, Thinkwithgoogle, and other SEO Analyzer provider sites.

Original Content Unique and Quality
If some of the above criteria are fulfilled, the main deciding factor is accepted or whether the most core AdSense speed is original content and provides benefits for Publick. When you create and build a blog with the target and the goal of earning AdSense earnings, never make mistakes copying other people's content and publish it through the blog you are going to register with AdSense. This happens either in part or in the whole though when you take a few snippets of someone else's post paragraph including the source link.

Based on experience, content created from the results of copying other people's articles will only trouble us in the later days where we will always be faced with AdSense rejection. Sometimes and often happening lately these rejections also do not include detailed information violations.

Never waste your time by making one fatal mistake copying someone else's article even if it's just a few paragraphs if you want the blog to be received without any rejection issues. Trust the Blog with original content will more easily pass the review verification and approved AdSense.

If you want to make sure that the content you create is completely original unique, before publishing it you can do plagiarism checking through the website to make plagiarism checker Tool like duplichecker.com, plagiarismdetector.net and smallseotools.com>plagiarism-checker.

That's the secret Tips to Blog approved by Google Adsense, practice the way above and hopefully, your website is accepted by Google Adsense.
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