Easy Way to Quickly Google Adsense Approved

For those of you whose initial goal of creating a blog is to generate a money business, then the right solution to use is to register to Google AdSense. This is one of the services that provide money giving everyone who visits your blog. However, Google AdSense can be very difficult to accept.

For that on this occasion, we will discuss on how easy to blog Google AdSense received. So make sure you're good at it.

Basically to register our blog to Google Adsense is not difficult, as long as all the terms and conditions provided by Google AdSense are already fulfilled. Well for that for those of you who want to enroll in Google AdSense, then your blog must fulfill some of the following provisions.

1. Content on the site is unique
This is one way or tips for your blog to be received by Google AdSense. Where in this case it is very important to have some ideas to load unique and interesting content. As we know on the net a lot of content contains the same contents, but on the other hand, they make the content as if different, such as the way of presentation, writing layout, etc. For that, you need to pay attention to this, if you want your blog can be received by Google AdSense.

2. Notice the age of your blog site
The next Tip in order to be received by Google AdSense is to pay attention to the age of the site we have. Where the age of a site also becomes a matter of consideration Google AdSense to accept our application. Usually, their party will see for 6 months, be it in view of the number of visitors, Page view, and the number of articles you write. The better it is, the easier it will be that our blog can be received by Google AdSense.

3. Note the number of articles or content
As we have said before if Google AdSense also consider a few things. One of them is the number of articles on your site, the more articles that you write, the greater the chances in the acceptance of your blog by Google AdSense. For that, before you register the blog to Google adsense It is very good to check the amount of content you have written. And we recommend that the number of articles you write at least 60 pieces.

4. Using blogger.com and youtube.com
It is also worth noting, where not all website addresses can be received by Google AdSense. An example like wordpress.com, where this address can not be registered to Google AdSense. For that, you should use blogger.com or youtube.com when registering to Google AdSense because both of these addresses have a greater chance of comparing to other site addresses.

5. Equipped with supporting information
A good blog, of course, dares to display the data themselves on the support page, where we can fill in several things such as contact, date of birth, privacy policy, email, TOS, and many others. So, in this case, the support information also needs you to note, in order to forward it by the time you register to Google AdSense can be received easily.

These are some tips and an easy way for your blog to be accepted by Google AdSense, in which case the most important is the content you provide. And such content does not have to be extraordinary, as long as the content already contains useful information then it will be very easy to receive by Google AdSense.
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