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If you are an online businessman or blogger, you certainly know how important SEO is for your online success. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is an optimization action against your website to get good rankings in Google's kind of search engine. However, optimizing your website is not an easy thing, considering Google itself released a renewal algorithm hundreds of times each year. This is why SEO tools are needed. Nowadays, there are not many good SEO tools and are offered at an affordable price. We advise you to utilize rankingCoach as a good SEO tool as well as inexpensive.

What is rankingCoach?
RankingCoach is a comprehensive analysis tool on the website, including a search engine optimization analysis, listings in the local directory business, and social media. This tool will help you analyze and monitor website rankings based on relevant search keywords. This SEO tool was created and developed since the year 2014. rankingCoach is also able to provide fast and accurate analysis of your website so that you can instantly optimize your website for search engines. So, in short, this rankingCoach is a useful online marketing application for your business.

1. Online Marketing
Online marketing with RankingCoach is very simple. You will complete the basic tasks in a short time. After that, your ranking will continue to increase as you continue to optimize your site. The analytics and monitoring tool will help you keep your site in the top place.

2. Seo
With SEO optimization on your website, the website will be easily found with the right audience. Through clear and concise video tutorials and instructions, you'll find your way to the top of search engine results in a short time. No prior knowledge is needed, let us show you the way!

3. Social Media 
over 1 billion people are active on social networks. Leverage the potential of Facebook and other social networks to amplify your brand's online imagery and build great customer relationships.

Why use rankingCoach?

Many real reasons can answer the question. However, this time we are going to show you some of them for you to be more confident to use this internationally recognized flagship SEO tool!

How does RankingCoach work?

1. Analyze 
These tools to analyze your website, based on your configuration and competition with competitors ' websites. RankingCoach tools are complete tools.

2. This task 
The tool provides tasks that need to be resolved gradually, based on the results of an analysis of the website with its competitor website. The Task provided is SEO optimization (SEO On-Page or SEO Off Page) as well as Social Media optimization.

3. Monitoring

Features that RankingCoach offers

Keyword Tool

By utilizing this feature, you will get a potential keyword. The RankingCoach service provides a choice of keywords that customers may use to find your website. Also, through this feature, you can also know how optimal your website is.

Individual Task

RankingCoach provides analysis on your website and creates an optimization plan that you need to apply. Daily Statistic and Weekly Reporting

You will be given a statistical report either daily or weekly. So you will know the development of the website for the optimization that has been done.

Competitor Analysis

One of the advantages of this tool is that you will be given a complete competitor website statistics. So you can better optimize your website again, to be the best.

Local SEO

RankingCoach will show you how successful the keywords you shoot are local, so it can be known how easily people around you can find them.

Unique SEO Strategies for everyone

rankingCoach can provide an SEO strategy that is tailored to your target business. This makes it a guide that you can be unique and effective until your website is optimized for search engines.

Easy to understand and follow guide

There are more than 1000 video tutorials that can help you make it easier to carry out the tasks given for the optimization of your website.

Accurate and scalable analysis

You can not only do the tasks that are important for the optimization of your website. You can also evaluate how it develops by looking at the various analyzers produced by rankingCoach. This analysis is certainly an accurate and measurable metric.

Save on business expenses

For those of your business, especially for those of you who are just starting out, there are a lot of expenses that you have to spend on your business development. This one SEO tool can be relied upon to save you the expense you need to spend on optimizing your website. Hiring an expensive SEO expert on service cost is not the only option for your business to succeed online, trust your website optimization on rankingCoach.

Complete features

Many useful features can really help your job in developing the website. If you are interested to find out more, please read the following sections of explanation!

Frequently asked questions about rankingCoach

The following are frequently asked questions by people regarding the use of rankingCoach:

Do I have to be an SEO expert or programmer to use rankingCoach?
No need! rankingCoach will gradually give you all the knowledge you need to optimize your website.

Do I need to be able to use HTML to use rankingCoach?
Not! Individual tasks are so easy that anyone can do it – even without HTML knowledge.

Do I need to download another program to use rankingCoach?
Not! rankingCoach is a web-based software that you can use anytime from anywhere. You simply log in to your account from any computer. Some specific tasks may require FTP access software, but you don't need to perform those tasks.

How long does it take to optimize my website with rankingCoach?
You can complete each task as fast as you want. For each task, you will be shown how much time it takes to take your time optimally.

What if I need a longer time? Can I go slower?
You can continue at your own pace. This strategy is developed uniquely for your site and can be implemented at any time, whenever appropriate for you.

What if I don't understand the task?
rankingCoach gives you an easy-to-understand explanation for each task that allows you to break through individual tasks.

What keywords should I choose?
Choose the keywords that are most important to you and that best describes what you offer. Ideally, this keyword should already be on your webpage. Keywords that are too general can increase competition and therefore can be harder to rank. The more targeted your keywords, the more relevant your visitors will be.

By clicking the "X" at the end of the keyword, you can delete the corresponding keyword. Change the order via drag & drop and add a new keyword as usual (only if all the places are not yet filled).

Please note that for any changes to the keywords, the task must be recreated and done again! You'll also lose the evaluation of your deleted keywords.

What does the search volume mean?
The search Volume tells you how often keywords are inserted into search engines and searched every month. The higher the search volume, the greater the competition generally and therefore the harder it is to rank this keyword.

Why do search volumes fluctuate for months?
This may be because the search term is seasonal. Christmas tree decorations are asked more often in December than in July for example. Beach balls are sought more often in the summer than in the winter.

I can't specify a subpage in rankingCoach.
Make sure that your subpage is accessible on the Internet and not behind password protection or similar.

How do I define a subpage in rankingCoach?
When you hover the mouse over the corresponding task in Stage 2, a popup will appear where you can insert a subpage.

Do I really need to create a subpage for each keyword?
Yes and No. Direct shared keywords or synonyms can be optimized on the same subpage. In general, however, a subpage should exist for each of your keywords and optimization should be done. We recommend providing good content from pages tailored to your keywords, encouraging Google to include these keyword-specific sites in your search.

Can I hide a subpage?
Not. Any optimization should be done to the visitor and not search engines. Subpages should be accessible to visitors and search engines, and the best thing is they are connected from the homepage.

Where can I get RankingCoach SEO Tools
You can get Rankingcoach SEO Tool through the website hosting providers and domains. Usually, they already provide the feature for each of their customers. You can try contacting the Admin where you bought your hosting and domain.

You are easy to optimize your website for search engines. However, what's worth noting is that you perform task-by-task given by rankingCoach consistently and sustainably. However, the results could not appear overnight. To further maximize your SEO efforts.

Congratulations on developing your business, good luck!
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